Is this the wrong platform?

I’m often asked what the best platform or tool is for a workflow or business, and as a Tech Minimalist, I get to work to find the simplest, easiest to use (for my clients and myself) and most cost-effective solution possible.

Today I tweeted about the platform I use for the MacJunky Dojo because I was happy and proud of what I could do with it, however, someone wasn't so impressed (constructive criticism) so I thought I’d reply and address this in video form.

Original Tweet


I'll ask a from Mike junkie welcome to

the dojo what I want to talk to you

today is about choosing the right tool

now obviously I talk about this all the

time however I posted the dojo is new if

you go to dojo mech junkie calm it's

actually a new thing that I built and

released yesterday and before I released

it I was I checked out the software to

figure out if it would work for you guys

and obviously how easy it is for me you

know when I try to find tools and try to

whether it's for me or for my clients I

am like a pitbull I go in and really

search for the bugs for the issues for

the anything that isn't gonna work

basically and the platform that I'm

using for my dojo is actually a company

called podía now it's a small company

but I have loads of clients yeah it's a

it's a startup I guess I've been going


Spencer's tweets and his background and

everything I Spencer and I liked what I

saw and I do that quite a lot with a lot

of the tools that I use so I only

recommend tools that I use and I like

now why am I talking about this well

there I said a sent off a tweet earlier

today because I'm quite impressed with

podía I put it up here pretty impressed

with podia I've built it within a day

obviously I checked it out more than a

day a creative free course within a few

hours now it's not quite a light or

white light I had a Mac tips email

sequence which I turned into a course

and I added a few more things on to it

and at the time I

eleven signups right now I've had now

since they're actually but now I have 23

customers 23 22 one of them is wolf

which is my testing account so 22 within

a day or so which I'm really really

pleased about so the the software seems

you know does work not seems to work

does work and it works really well there

are as I said some bugs there are some

design issues there are some things I

can't figure out both silly it's the new

year so I can't really contact them

they're not around right now so I will

be talking to them about that but it's

not an issue for the client to actually

you know get the tutorials and stuff

that the course is sorry sorry and it

and it's really easy for me however once

I posted there I forgot about it I went

back to Twitter and then I got a reply

where's the reply where is the reply

this is the reply from a guy called

Steven Pratley who's in the UK I think

yeah this is the Deaf's now for so many

online instructors okay my ears pricked

up because I'm I'm becoming an online

instructor but I'm not really an online

instructor assumes at all for an MVP is

the one that will support a sustainable

business I kind of got to agree with

that assuming I didn't assume anything

and I'll get to that in a moment

judgment based on ease of the business

not efficiency for the customer and I

can't agree with that because as I said

I go and check my the software that I

use and see now the first thing I do I'm

a technical analyst for goodness sake

the first thing I do is to see how easy

it is for my customers oh he go to my

website Matt

you can't get any more simpler than that

so I try to make sure everything is

as simple as possible for my clients and

obviously is easy it is for me because

I'm lazy and I want to make things

really really simple so I don't agree

with that so you know my reply basically

was not sure if I agree this is just

another avenue for my business because

I'm a tech medalist I'm an Apple IT

consultant I'm a coach so on and so

forth and I have a bunch of clients I've

been in the business for 25 years and

going strong so going into another

branch without affecting my bottom line

can be only be a good thing okay so the

point here is I'm not playing all my

eggs in this basket this is just another

feature for Mac junkie for my clients of

Mac junkie and often in new clients as

well yes of course I'm going to be

creating courses and the reason why I'm

creating courses is because I get asked

the same questions over and over and

over again and so I created the Mac tips

and I want to be able to create those

into courses of course I'm going to be

charging for them because it does cost

money but the point is that I'm not

making it any difficult for anybody now

if I go to Stephens tweets I understand

where he's coming from he's obviously

trying to help online instructors and so

on but I don't think in this instance he

understands what I'm going through now

he might have used my tweet to tweet out

to people look this is what could happen

but it I don't think it affects me in

fact I'm pretty certain it doesn't

affect me now he does have some courses

some free freebies there I've got to be

honest these two things that you see of

freebies and going to his website

yeah it's he's talking are you

struggling to create profits from online

course so he this is what he does so I

I'm not seeing it as an attack but I

just wanted a cover

it for myself actually and this is kind

of a reply to Stephen as well that I I'm

pretty certain it's not going to affect

me I know that there are a lot of ways

that you can deliver courses out there

and I've gone through all of them and

the one I chose I found to be the better

one at the moment for me it's just the

way it is so yeah I enjoy it

so anyway going back to talking about

that I tested it out of so I created a

test account for myself under Wolf's

name and you know if you if you look at

this it looks great this is the dojo

this is these are going to be the

products that you have bought or signed

up for and obviously there's only one

right now and if you and if I've created

courses that you haven't subscribed to

they'll be underneath that if you go

into the course it starts with the first

section and I think you can change that

to have like a welcome thing and these

are the different sections and the

courses in between so you know Oh see

there's or there's a dashboard as well

you can go into your account and change

all the details there yes that's not

that's Wolf's email and that is my

address which is actually on my website

you could change the billing I will

probably be doing a video of podía if

you guys are interested so let me know

but anyway that's the video for today

it's a bit of a long one but I just

wanted to reply to Stephens tweet about

it did I don't think I'm sure it's not

going to affect me I understand where

the tweet is coming from because there

are a lot of people who do pick the lot

of wrong tools I'm in this business as

well I make sure that people choose the

right tools for the right job and making

it easier in my industry making easier

for yourself to be able to work well and

efficiently so you can help your clients

make their life easier anyway

it's a longer video that's the video

have a great day I'll see you tomorrow

and keep it simple bye bye

Let's stay in touch

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