I had a Canon for a while, then a Sony for about 5 years. I loved using them due to the autofocus, and they worked great! And I wouldn't have anything else.

However, to answer the question...

No, it sucks!

Let me explain...

I felt the use, creativity, and stale-ness of using them wasn't working (for me), so I [very] recently moved over to Fujifilm (X-E4) and let me tell you...

I couldn't be happier!

The reason I started using one of their smaller cameras is due to several factors...

– Didn't want to invest too deeply into the system just yet
– Wanted better creative freedom of 'movement' within the frame
– Didn't want to mess around with grading or using Log profiles

...and more.

And even though I lost the autofocus ability I had previously, now my videos feel more alive and have a 'personality' to them that I never had before.

The amazing side effect of using a Fujifilm camera for me has been that I've learned to use manual focus.

I'm in the early stages of this workflow, but the creativity I've noticed using a fully manual setup is something I never thought I was able to do.

All this was due to the lack of understanding of how it could be done and used. But learning as I go and experiencing new ways of working is how I work.

You have to choose what works for you and not listen to anyone (even me) to determine what works for the way you want to create your art.

With art comes creative freedom.
With freedom comes great art.

So back to the beginning, is it better: No.
Can you tell great stories without it: Yes.

But then again, who am I? I'm just a silent voice on the other side of the screen with a keyboard attached to a computer.

This was my response to this Reddit post.

Hi, I'm Kia

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