Is it possible to only work 3-4 hours a day?

Personally, I think it is. But it does depend on a few things; Your work, your mindset and your workflow. Let me explain a few things. There is a difference between Hours in your business & Hours on your business. So once you have this idea honed, then the rest will fit into place like a well-crafted jigsaw puzzle.


wouldn't it be great if you only worked

three or four hours a day I'm doing it I

know it's possible and today I'm gonna

explain to you how that's possible

my name is Kay I'm a tech minimalist and

I help people like you organize

technology so you can free up your time

so hours out hours in what do I mean by

that well there's a difference between

working in your business and on your

business let me rewind a little bit

there's a running joke amongst my

friends and I where I said you know I've

told them for years that I only worked

three hours a day and they're kind of

stunned and they want to do it and they

don't realize how I do it now it's kind

of it is true but it's it's a kind of a

half-truth to a certain degree and

that's the whole point of hours hour

hours in now there's a difference

between working in your business and on

your business now when you're working in

your business that is working with your

clients this is how I understand it I

don't want to work more than three or

four hours a day because of what I do I

just don't want it there's no reason to

my mind needs to be clear when I'm

working with a client because obviously

I'm trying to help them minimize their

technology so I need to be aware fully

aware when I'm working with them so they

can get the benefit of my fresh mind of

it as well it sounds so weird saying it

that way so so working on your business

is is all the other thing like a lot of

the other stuff now I love doing what I

do I absolutely love it it's technology

I've always been a tech guy since I was

like eight years old seven years old

from what I remember and I loved at

different parts of technology taking

things apart putting it back together


excuse me so this to me doesn't feel

like work

when I'm working on my business it

doesn't feel like work so sometimes I

don't work at all on my business or

actually with clients there are times

when I'm working 16 hours because I've

got something in my head and I just want

to do it again I don't put I don't put

it down to work because again I don't

have a life work balance I have a life

balance and I think everyone should work

like this everyone should have a life

balance and the work should be

incidental to your life and not the

other way around

not you know your your work is taking up

eight 12 hours a day and then your life

begins when you get home and you just

flick on the TV and zone out and then go

to sleep and start all over again

that's not living that's just existing

and I don't I don't want that and I

never wanted that so for years when I

was younger I was trying to figure out I

guess you can call me an entrepreneur

I'm I hate that word I was trying to

what figure out how I could enjoy what I

do make enough money just enough money

to pay the bills and and not get bogged

down with the work how does that

translate to tech minimalism well the

point with tech minimalism and I coined

the phrase a while ago minimalism exists

I'm the tech guy and is more to do with

minimizing the distractions when you're

working so effectively you're bringing

your life into your work because you

want to minimize everything around you

so you can enjoy your life or you can do

that with your work so that makes extra

time for yourself so is it possible to

work three or four hours a day

absolutely and it really depends I mean

it kind of depends on your work but if

you know most of my clients are coaches

trainers facilitators

freelancers small business owners like

myself those people there are two

reasons why they start working for

themselves one is because they want to

make more money and two because they

want to have more time the money part is

not something I'm interested in though

the time part is what I'm interested in

how much time can I make for myself by

working on my business to kind of get

rid of the distractions so once you've

done that could you work one or two

hours a day I doubt it depends on what

you do if you get paid you know 10,000 a

day I guess you could I don't know but I

found for me three to four hours a day

of actual work with clients is more than

enough and it is possible to do it if

your technology is annoying you and I

find this all the time with my clients I

mean I had a coaching session yesterday

and she was explained to me you know I

go to work I go and do my work she's a

facilitator I go to work I do my stuff I

come back and I have to do all this

other stuff still for my work and I want

to get rid of those distractions and

that's basically the point of tech

mentalism that's what I believe in it

sounds like a religion when I say it

like that geez

but but it's literally just getting rid

of all the distractions

excuse me around your technology so when

you're working the technology is working

for you so the technology is becoming

your assistant and not you're not your

shackles effectively not something that

you are that you have to do it's

something that needs to be done but if

you had the automation and the system

and the and the the workflow set up then

it gives you more time to do what you

want to do ie working less

making more time and enjoying your life

more anyway that's the video today hope

you enjoyed it hope that benefited you

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have a great day ciao bye bye

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