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I’m very proud to announce...

After months of thinking about it, endless days trying to figure out what it should be about and countless Red Bulls, cigars, shots of whiskey, bars of chocolate, (some of that is a lie, I’ll you figure out what ones), I’ve managed to put together a great Tech Minimalism Video Course!


it's never good starting a video with an

apology so I'm sorry but this video is

actually late it's 20 to 7 right now

it's just been a crazy day actually it's

been a crazy weekend and week I've been

working on a few things for you and

they're almost ready now the one thing

that I want to speak about today is a

tech minimalism course which I've almost

finished I'm actually working on the

video and the content right now and it

should be ready by the end of this week

I'm really hoping you'll be into this

week but I've built the backend and the

front-end and the website web page so

you can actually go there and

pre-register so when it does come out

you'll get it in your inbox basically

it's a five-day email course via video

it's a video course basically where you

can basically simplify your life and

your business so I'm really proud of it

Wolff is coming up the stairs to say

hello I'm really proud of it it's going

to be good so if you're interested in a

free course it's a free email course go

to tech mannerism com4 slash course and

there there's a button at the bottom

where you can register or if you go to

any of my websites actually I will go

there anyway have a great day again

sorry this video is late I'll see you

tomorrow as always keep it simple

remember to wash your hands and we'll

get through this together

see you then bye bye ciao

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