I’m sorry

I messed up, and I’m genuinely sorry. Just a selfish video to myself.


so today's video is actually a bit

selfish it's about me it's not about you

the viewer it's not about me giving you

any kind of advice might be this said

it's a selfish video and it's all about

me missing publishing a video yesterday

and why is that important why am i

beating myself up about it and I have

been for since I missed it actually you

know whenever I promise something I

expect to do it and I promised myself to

make a video every single day now I

didn't obviously share it out from the

rooftops that I will be doing that but I

want to be held accountable when I don't

do it and yeah I feel shitty and it

[ __ ] annoys me so this video is

purely a selfish video as I said about

me saying sorry to myself that I didn't

pull through and actually make a video

yesterday now why didn't I make a video

yesterday actually it wasn't anything to

do with anything other than you wouldn't

believe this if I told you I had a

technical issue with my computer and it

didn't work I got annoyed so I just said

[ __ ] it clear head do it tomorrow but I

was the wrong thing to do and I realise

that so again just want you to be aware

of that hence why I missed the video but

again this is has absolutely nothing to

do with you


the viewers who are watching my videos

who know veg who have actually benefited

through telling me that they've

benefited from it although I don't get

any interaction with the videos I'm not

here for vanity metrics I'm here to help

people out and if it helps and they tell

me personally I'm happy with it even if

they don't tell me you know I'm happy

with making these videos because I like

making them

it takes me an hour to make these videos

they're not long videos I purposely made

sure that I wanted to do it in a simple

the most simple possible way if you know

if you've been following my videos I

started doing live videos and that

helped me understand how I can make

these videos without too much fluff too

much fuss and fanfare just record give

value and hopefully people like you and

people are liking it but yeah again this

video is just actually for myself so to

say sorry you dumb idiot you didn't make

a video yesterday you should have no

matter what happens so that's all I have

for you today

what can you learn from it well you know

if you have if you promise something to

somebody whether it's your client or

whatever you really got off kind of

sorry my dog walking down the stairs you

really cut it you've got a keep up to

that promise even if the promises to

yourself this promise was to myself so

if you promise hold up that promise and

make sure you do it you know there's

this whole thing about you know getting

the product ready and getting it out the

door there's a lot of truth to that

there really is four different parts of

that different different reasons for

that part of it so anyway that's the

video today I hope it helps you in some

way again this is a selfish video for

myself I said this three times already

but I hope it makes sense to you anyway

have a great day and I will see you

tomorrow and I will be posting a

video tomorrow keep it simple and I'll

see you that job

Hi, I'm Kia

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