If you need Tech or IT help through this crisis, just ask

The weekend is upon us, and the situation around the globe isn’t getting any better. There are a ton of businesses feeling the pinch, by either lack of work or having to stay home and remote working.

Hopefully, your company has an IT department to help in this situation obviously, but for those who work on their own and don’t have a Tech/IT department, I’d like to offer my services, even over the weekend.

So if you need any help with your Mac, Or anything related to Remote Work, just ask, and I’ll do my best to help where I can.


so it looks like this virus issue isn't

going to go anywhere soon I think we're

kind of stuck in in our homes basically

with quarantine such a weird word to use

but I've already started seeing an

impact in my work obviously I do a lot

of my work remotely so that's not that

part of it it's not a big huge issue

right at the moment the issue is

obviously I do on-site calls for Mac

junkie and stuff and I've had a few

cancellations actually I've just come

back from a client who and she had

cancellations that's why she was able to

be there and she needed the help so I

went there and helped her so today's

episode is actually just to say that I

know the weekend is coming over coming

in and over the weekend if you if you

guys if you have any issue with your Mac

or need a question asked answered about

working remotely about your Mac and so

on over the weekend because it seems

like everyone's working remotely and you

might not know who to contact if you

don't have an IT department if you need

any help with your technology so I'm a

Mac junkie I'm a tech Middlemiss so if

you have any issues regarding remote

work or your Mac get in touch with me

and hopefully I can help you out over

the weekend as well I'm just going to

make myself available for the weekend

it's so weird for the planet humanity to

get to this stage and I'm not scare

mongering because I think a lot of the

[ __ ] that you read on social media is

[ __ ] and I think a lot of people in the

government basically say where the [ __ ]

they want to say to help their own

agenda so we have to be careful as to

what we need

to do don't panic by don't do all this

crap this it just doesn't help stop

fighting for toilet paper and how

believe people did that anyway short

episode if you nearly need any help with

a remote work or your Mac over the

weekend or any time let me know just go

to my website Mac junkie comm is one of

them que cambiar comm is the other one

and stay safe with your technology keep

it simple such a weird thing anyway

stay safe try to enjoy your weekend

don't be worried too much about it but

obviously be cautious and be careful and

I'll see you on Monday see you then ciao

Let's stay in touch

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