iCloud and how to backup your data properly

I’m still seeing people use iCloud as a backup solution and it’s a big mistake! In this episode, I’ll go through my thoughts on iCloud. Also, give you tips on how to back up the data on your Mac and your iCloud account.


you're probably not backing up properly

how do I know it's because last week I

got a bunch of emails and messages about

iCloud and how it should be backing up

their data and in this episode I'm going

to go through and explain exactly what

iCloud is and what it isn't is a backup

solution hi my name is Kay I'm a tech

minimalist and a Mac junkie and I help

my clients organize their technology so

they can free up their time so last week

I got a bunch of emails and messages

about piled basically and people saying

I don't know where my data is where is

it I'm using iCloud for backup I don't

know what's going on and basically was a

it was a mess of a bunch of emails now

when I say you're not using it properly

properly sorry is mainly because people

think it's iCloud is a backup solution

where it actually isn't what people

think is that if they have the data on a

computer and it's on iCloud so if I lose

my computer I have all my data because

it's backed up well that's kind of true

however I wouldn't trust it as a backup

solution because backup is having your

data and documents and so on

in more than one place not just in one

place thinking nothing's going to happen

and I've got it obviously Apple's not

going anywhere they've been around for

years they've got billions and trillions

of got so much money nothing's going to

happen but the thing is you've got to

make sure Apple doesn't have to make

sure it's backed up you have to make

sure it's backed up and as I said people

are mistaking iCloud as a backup

solution where it isn't it's actually a

syncing solution syncing feature so if I

have a document on my computer basically

it's then it goes to iCloud and gets

synced to all of my devices so I could

see it on my phone on my iPad and so on

and so forth and that's great however if

you delete something accidentally

where's the backup if you're on the

internet and the intern

it doesn't work in it's not sinking and

you think it's think it's it's sunk or

it's sinking and you lose your computer

that document file a folder is gone

because there's no backup of it so the

point is to make sure that your iCloud

is backed up now I can't back up there

is a feature called iCloud backup but

it's actually only for iOS devices and

iPad OS devices so iPads and iPhones

only it doesn't backup your Mac there is

no backup feature for your Mac so you

have to be the ones you have to be the

ones who actually back it up now there

is a problem with that because depending

on how it's set up and I'm going to do a

video on this for the Sunday dojo

depending how it's set up

you don't have all the data on your

computer so then you can't actually back

it up now it's a really really weird

thing because you have a managed storage

function on your gonna make sure I'm

going to name it properly but I think

it's called yeah so it's managed storage

on your on your Mac so what it does is

that if you don't have enough space on

your Mac it leaves it on the iCloud so

it's actually not on your computer you

can see it and when you open it or

download it it's obviously on your

computer but it's not actually on your

computer so when you backup your Mac

that file folder or whatever isn't being

backed up so you've got to make sure

that it's on your computer to be able to

backup and when I say backup I mean

things like time machine and so on

because that doesn't backup anything

unless it's actually on your computer so

you've got to make sure you understand

what backup is how to backup and

specifically with iCloud and how you

should back it up I will do a video on

this properly showing you my screen and

so on

for the sunday dojo so if you haven't

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comm anyway have a great Monday I hope

this helps you out and as always keep it

simple I'll see you tomorrow ciao bye


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