It’s not often you release that you’ve gone down the wrong path. But you can always steer back into familiar territory when things become clearer.


I want to talk about how naive I've been. I've recently realised in the past week or so about my pivot away from IT to Tech.

For over 30 years I've been known as the IT guy. More specifically, the Apple IT guy. Even more specifically, The MacJunky, the Apple Mac guy.

I've had that niche forever and that's why I was always hired, even by companies. At ITN I was called in because I was the Apple guy. I was called into many other companies because I was the Apple guy, the MacJunky.

So the pivot over the last few years, I've been the tech guy. I think that was a mistake.

IT/ICT is a very specific thing. You're the computer guy. However, I didn't want to be known as the 'computer guy' so I changed over to the 'Tech guy', the Tech Minimalist, where I help people minimise the impact tech has.

Being the Apple guy, I always did that anyway, 'use less apps', 'create a simple set-up', etc.

But I wanted a phrase to encompass that. Hence Tech Minimalism. The problem I've found recently in the world of tech is that it's become so ass over backward. And I don't want to be associated with that anymore.

So choosing a name for your business for your services is so so vitally important. It doesn't matter to a lot of people whether it's IT or tech. I get it, but to me, I've seen so many assholes in the tech space.

I don't want to be associated with them. To me, it's the same with the whole 'fake guru' thing. Same with 'selling courses', with being a 'mentor' or 'selling coaching'. I don't want anything to do with that.

Not only that. But because I was the MacJunky the Apple IT guy. The IT guy. People knew exactly what I was doing. Now when you say a 'Tech Minimalist' they're intrigued and I want an explanation as to what you do.

The whole point is to get rid of friction. Doesn't matter what I'm doing whether it's my personal life, my car, or my dog. Whatever it is in my life I want it to be as simple as possible.

After all, I make IT so simple it's invisible. So I don't want the friction to be there. The friction I'm getting at the moment, and this is the thing that I've been trying to learn from marketers and landing page experts, is when someone goes onto my website they're intrigued, they call, we speak. But it's so difficult to explain what I do on a landing page. That's why they call.

When they call, generally I sign them up. It's fine, but the friction for me is I don't want there to be any friction for the prospect, the client, or the person reading the website.

So that's where 'Tech' irritates me. So I'm wondering if that's hindering certain things. That's the thing that's actually causing the friction.

What do you think you could simplify with your business? Is there something that's causing friction on your website? Because it seems that there is for me.

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