How to simplify your iPhone

I've been asked several times by people who've seen my iPhone about how simply I've set it up. So I thought I'd make a video and see if you'd get any ideas about how you might be able to simplify yours.


so today I wanted to talk about how I

organize my phone the screens and the

apps that are actually on the phone last

week I did a video similar kind of video

about my files folders and how I

organized those and today is about the

phone so if you look at my phone right

now there's nothing on the screen itself

other than the apps at the bottom and

the reason why he use three rather than

four is just a bit more symmetrical with

the with with the with the pages I have

basically so in fact I actually only

have two pages so this is the first page

and the second page is where all my apps

actually reside if you notice at the

bottom I have an empty row and the

reason for that is because I don't want

it to look too cluttered

just like the folders if you look at the

folders above at the top all of them

have a row empty because I used to fill

up all these rows but then I just looked

a bit too cluttered so I basically put

them on other pages and they're the apps

that I don't generally use anyway so

most of this stuff is literally a swipe

away so going back to what the apps are

and we work bottom up actually so bomb

left is pipedrive pipedrive pipedrive

sorry is my sales process CRM where I

keep in touch with my clients and the

things that are going on with me

contacting clients and and their process

the pipe sorry the pipeline pipe drive

pipeline next one is obviously is my

telephone and the following one is a app

called todoist which is my to-do app and

my project management tool that I

actually use for smaller projects above

that we have Gmail Google Calendar

Google keep and chrome as you guys are

where my whole business

and my while my business is built on

Google Chrome so most of the tools are

to do with Google Chrome now Google keep

is a notes app now I know Apple does

note and so on and it's a fantastic app

however I don't use notes as a place

where I keep information I keep it as

kind of a where they called post-it


so I put information in there I use it

and then I throw away so there's not any

information in there that I kind of keep

it's just a temporary place any notes

and any thing I actually need to keep I

put it in my project management or


or create a Google Doc for it if it's

pertaining to a project or anything so

anyway above that Basecamp that's where

I do most of my larger projects web

sites and with clients that go on for a

few days

more than a few days sorry video ask now

video ask is an app you probably seen on

my web sites a little widget of my

talking head I caught some people called

a talking head so I call it talking head

where when you click on it you can send

me a message through it via video audio

or text and I get a notification saying

that someone's left me a message wire is

a it's kind of like a secure what's up I

don't like what's up or anything like

that wire is a secure communication tool

that I use to communicate with my

clients when they want to send me secure

notes or secure passwords and so on I

try not to let people send me passwords

through messages or emails so I used

that for for secure communication

messages self-explanatory Apple

everything to do with Apple that I need

to use business all the programs that I

use for my business and certain tools

that I

to other clients as well finance

self-explanatory obviously social now

social is actually in a folder of its

own because I don't want to see it I

don't want to be so this is my front

page so when I scroll over I'm looking

at my business stuff not my social stuff

quickly so it's it's basically in a

folder and none of these apps

none of the social apps anyway

definitely don't they don't have any

notifications or pop-ups or anything

like that shop is where my online

shopping like Amazon and so on health is

to do with my health and my riding app

workouts and so on network is to do with

all the apps that I use for setting up

networks for my clients and all the

tools that I use for those things and I

have a unified system in my office in

home and it helps me keep an eye on

things as well

tools basic generic tools there are apps

here that I use in some apps again for

demoing sometimes I I don't use that

anymore but it's good for demoing

purposes above that travel again

self-explanatory maps and translate and

so on yes I know I don't speak Dutch yet

I'm sorry I'm trying but it's hard you

know it's hard so imagine how hard it is

for me so I use Google Translate to help

me you there audio again

self-explanatory or my music and

podcasts photos I don't usually use

anything in here but it's good to have

just in case I need to touch up a few

photos and video again the same for my

drone and watching Netflix and stuff

like that so basically there you have it

it's not complicated very simple very to

the point

I pick up my phone and basically need to

do certain things go back to

notifications actually I forgot about

that I have all the notifications turned

off the only notifications I have on are

when people trying to communicate

me my clients or when I'm doing a

project and I need to do something for a

client or for a project I'd like to do

it for instance in my to do list or in

Basecamp why a Google Calendar I don't

have notifications for emails at all I

do check my emails throughout the day

I'm trying to cut that down but I don't

get notifications they don't want to be

disturbed with anything so there are no

notifications and let unless it's a

communication thing between me my

clients then obviously my friends and

family but for social media for anything

else I just don't have the notifications

on so that's it that's all it is very

simple very to-the-point and hopefully

you've been to Bennett for that

hopefully you benefited from it

and I can't speak English forget Dutch

and yeah that's basically my phone and

how I set it up anyway enjoy your day

hopefully you'll have a good day and

I'll see you next week take care ciao

bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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