How to simplify the file & folder structure

If you're fighting with your files, folders, and general organisation on your Mac, then this is the video for you. It's quite easy to keep things in place, you just need to have the right system, and then your worry about lost documents will be over.


so I wanted to make a video about files

and folders and how I organize them I

get a lot of questions from clients

saying where should I put my files which

cloud service should I use etc etc

should I use iCloud so on so I wanted to

show you how I organize my files so

maybe you'll get some benefit from it so

as if you see my desktop is completely


I I don't have anything on my desktop

and I'll show you how

as you know I only use Google Chrome in

my as my app this is my screen recording

app that I'm recording this with so if I

open a new Finder window and also you

can do that from here as well and you

can press command and as you can see I

on my desktop I have nothing nothing at

all nothing at all in My Documents

folder again nothing and I'll go through

as to of why that is in a moment in my

downloads folder again nothing I have

archived and a few things in there

that's private cetera and office in my

Google Drive which has a lot of things

folders that creates automatically via

the phone app and this is a way my

downloads folders and I'll go through

that as well as to how I set their up my

drive my drive is actually Google Drive

as you know I've moved my whole business

and life and data into the cloud on one

of the services I'm using is Google

Drive the other one is actually iCloud

now if you notice here iCloud my desktop

My Documents and my downloads are all in

my iCloud Drive like so and that way if

I lose my computer it gets stolen or a

swimming pool or something I can go to

an Apple store begrudgingly giving my

credit card pick up another Mac but

the MacBook or whatever another Mac and

login and basically everything is there

so I'm kind of pleased that I've I've

done that now I haven't had to do that

right now but you never know in my home

folder this downloads folder I don't use

so this downloads folder you can

actually set your browsers you can set

the folder where the browsers download

automatically so I set it to the folder

in my iCloud Drive here so in my drive I

have two folders private which I don't

want to show things or Celine private

stuff and business archive is my old

private stuff old business and things

that I don't need a hand but it's I like

having an archive folder sis not in the

file structure that I use daily clients

I want going to it or see it's private

is it's just a bunch of folders

different clients so I put documents

files folders apps anything to do with

the client client project I put in two


courses are the courses that I'm doing

and I've taken documents are individual

files and they're mainly G suite files I

won't go into there because obviously

it's private so but everything I put

everything in one place and there's a

reason I do that because because I use G

sweet Dee sweet has this amazing ability

to search through anything and

everything so I never need to create

folders for documents for myself because

I can search now if the time comes where

I'm working on a project I create a

project folder like I do with clients

and put everything within that folder

that's what I've done with things like

legal for instance finance these are I

started in 2007 yes a long time ago

these are per year this 2019 is actually

the same as this

thousand 19 over here so I can access my

financial information quite easily quite

quickly so I organized everything per

per month as you can see in the olden

days I actually didn't there's no reason

to because of the way I worked but since

just images I use online and logos and

stuff like that and yes I'm working on a

different type of logo let's not go

illegal I won't go into

that's just legal information that's

private and business movies that I've

made that I'm going to make it cetera

and research again it's kind of private

stuff that I won't go into researching

private stuff as well as well as

business stuff so that is my filing

structure there's really not that much

to it and you don't need to make it too

complicated if you're working on a

project put everything pertaining to

that project within that folder so

create a folder or a client or so on

that that's basically how I do it

even when I get emails if an email is to

do with a project I generally copy/paste

it and put it into the my project

management tool and it works really

really well that's it there is not much

else to show you I just want to show you

how I work hopefully you found some

benefit from it and if you need any help

just a book a call you can book a call

on my website go to my website send me a

message let's book a call and hopefully

I can give you some more information

about how to do this if you're any

questions let me know have a great day

and I'll see you later ciao

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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