How to organise your iCloud files

I’m often asked about file organisation on iCloud and on my client’s Macs, so in today's epidote, I walk through my system and show you my personal framework on file organisation that should help you get more organised.


the filing structure on your computer on

your Mac is probably messed up I know it

you know I've seen it so many times with

my clients it's insane

in this episode I'm going to show you my

filing system and what has changed

because I did make a video about this a

while back actually so I'm going to redo

this video because things have changed

and hopefully it will help you out hi my

name is Kay I'm a tech Mentalist and I

help my clients organize their

technology so they can free up their

time now my filing structure hasn't

changed so much the the system I use

this check has changed but I have

changed a few things and I want to

basically go through it because I get

asked a lot of questions about well

where do I put this file where do I put

that file and so on

and it doesn't have to be complicated

people complicate things way over what

they need actually they don't need to be

complicated at all so they're not

complicating for the fact that they need

to complicate it's just complicated and

you just don't need to do it keep it

simple that's all it is so we're going

to dive into my computer and I'm going

to show you exactly what's going on so

this is my desktop very simple there's

not much going on and this is basically

my finding structure I open to the

desktop generally there's nothing on my

desktop because I don't want anything on

there I actually want to make sure I

organized everything now if you notice

in my past videos I've talked about a

work a business and a personal area to

keep everything and that trends

transfers to my filing system so my work

is basically all the clients that I'm

working with at the moment the archive

is all my other past clients and I have

an inbox for this folder for in fact

from pretty much all my folders so if I

don't know where to organize it work

what to do I basically just put it into

the inbox and then I organize it so

having an inbox is actually very very

handy so I have one for my business and

I also have one for my personal so it's

really really handy rather than leaving

things in your downloads folder which

actually I still do we're going to get

to that Oh putting stuff on your desktop

it's always good to have an inbox so you

can basically put something in the inbox

and then organize it just like your task

manager or your email so again business

is basically everything to do with my

business I'm not going to click into

them because there's some personal

information in a lot of it again inbox

clips is when I make clips video clips

for I reply with video with my emails at

time so I just make a quick video

explaining something and send it rather

than typing stuff out I'd prefer video

than text yeah course it and documents

and so on and so forth so going to the

work folder people ask me well where do

you put your files well it depends on

what file it is if it's if it's for a

client if I'm doing work for a client

then they all have a folder there are

some in my archive in my past archive

that I've got to move over here but any

work that I do for a client any document

any invoice a contract India whatever it

is I basically put it straight into that

client so if I'm talking to that client

working with that client or need to find

anything for that client I go to the

client folder it's it's pretty simple

it's it's like you know in the olden

days you had a filing cabinets and each

filing cabinet had a folder and each

folder was a specific client or in my

case I was working with properties so

particular property and so on so forth

so having it segmented in that way is

actually works out really really well

same with business like all my legal

stuff they're all my research stuff

they're all the images that I use my

font library for my business whatever

all my finance I've shown you this

before so it's actually all they're

going to create 2020 I don't most of it

it's done via money bird but I'll create

it anyway

and I'll put an inbox there as well

so yeah I basically have it organized

like this now personal not much stuff

going on in personal I work most of the

time all right

isn't this most of the thing now

downloads downloads is a real pain in

the butt because there are things that

can actually be just got rid of you

you'll probably find that you have so

many things in here I mean this actually

should be in my inbox because I've got

to organize it that's why I haven't got

rid of it but downloads to be honest

it's kind of like a dump folder I find

for everybody even me rather than

putting on my desktop or in it or in the

Documents folder I just put it in the

Downloads download it leave it in there

what you should be doing what I should

be doing as well is one once you

download something deal with it whether

that's throwing it out putting on your

client putting it somewhere else and or

deleting it and getting rid of it what I

haven't done drinking my not drinking my

own medicine is leaving it in there so

all of this in fact I'm going to do it

right now whereas it worries where is it

where's my food where is the I've lost

the foot I've lost it I've lost well I

don't know where it is

okay well oh let's just do it this way

in box so select all and tick that and

put all of this in there so the point is

to keep your files and everything as

organized as possible like you know like

in these three areas now a temp folder

I'm gonna come back to you in a moment

because that's to do with iCloud and so

on so I'm gonna come back to that in a

moment and my movies folder isn't the

folder on my computer my movies is

actually something on my network storage

device of my Nass and I have the archive

vault of all the videos that I've made

basically so that's why it's there

because I make a video every day and I

want it accessible Kay's office is

literally just yeah anything that's

connected to my computer but that is

basically it that's all you actually

need now this temp folder now all of

these folders I'm going to make this

visible because what has changed for me

is that all my files are actually

located on my iCloud Drive and this is

the thing that has changed now I don't

generally look at the iCloud Drive

that's why I put these folders here now

my work my business and my personal are

actually on the Documents folder of my

iCloud Drive of my computer so this is

my work which is the same as here it's

my personal again same as their and my

business these other folders are

creative created automatically by their

respective applications so I haven't

created them they've created it

automatically that's why I generally

don't look at my Documents folder

because there's nothing in there that I

need to see however I do need to see my

work business and personal there if

they're the three areas that I actually

put stuff and obviously my desktop and

there's nothing in it now my downloads

folder is actually on my iCloud drive so

I've set up my browser and all the

applications whenever I want to download

something I want it to go into that

folder more so than the folder on my

computer again

it's not necessary to do that but I've

done it that way and I prefer it that


so this downloads folder is that and

again all of these are created by their

respective applications in the iCloud

Drive so again I never really need to

see this and if I do I can just tick and

uncheck this to remove it from my

sidebar and generally I don't need it so

I I'm ticket so going back to the temp

folder now the temp folder sits in this

public folder here it is and the reason

I created that is because sometimes I

will do something that take the drinks

out of freezer yes I have to do that so

sometimes I have to I'm working on a

file that's really really big I don't

want to put it into my iCloud drive for

any reason because I'm kind of working

on it and I just only need it on my

computer so I a temp file it's very rare

that I use it but it's always handy to

have a temp file it's like almost like a

scratch disk like a temporary location

where I can put larger files so I'm not

messing up my internet connection with

it uploading automatically because it's

in my iCloud drive and that's basically

what that is so hopefully that helps out

in how you can organize your data it's

helped me out immensely because I know

you know I know where all my files are I

can go directly to that location and I

know exactly where it is now have there

been any times where I've like well I

need to find that five I don't know

where it is no because I know where I've

put it I have a joke running joke with

my best friend flauta

and she always says how can you find

everything because my my place is an

organized mess this looks messy to some

but it's all

I know exactly where it is I know

exactly where to look for it if it's not

there it's either been lost or stolen

somehow let's not go there

and that's basically it

you're finally structure your filing

system does not have to be complicated

make sure you understand how you work

and then figure out a filing system for

you that will work for you

there's no point me coming in saying do

this because it's the best way to do it

it's the best way to do it for me and we

know whenever I work with my clients I

find out how they work and figure out a

system that works for them now often

people will take the basics of this

framework and then implement it with

what they do which is great but don't

just copy someone else's system because

you think it is great I think it is

great but it works for me might not work

for you however your homework is to go

through your filing system and see what

you can organize what you can get rid of

what you can ditch what you can move

around what you can play with to make

things easier for you anyway

that's the episode hope you hope you're

having a great day and if you have any

comments please leave them below or send

me a message through my website make and as always keep it simple

like my filing system I see in the next

episode jail bye-bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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