How to organise your email mailboxes

How nice would it be to have an email mailbox that's always organised, simplified & easy to use? Well, in this video, I go through my email app so you can see how easy it is to fix your mailbox woes and have an 'inbox-zero' every day!


so hi there in today's video we're gonna

carry on talking about email yesterday's

video was about email and how you

contain your email and today what I want

to do is actually show you a screenshot

of my email inbox and how you can make

your email look as good as mine for

sounds free it but I'm gonna basically

simplify your email just like I have

done with mine and countless other

clients so here is my email inbox as you

can see I only have inbox snoozed

and all mail inboxes obvious snoozed now

with snoozed what I generally do

depending on the type of email if

there's if an email comes in and is to

do with the project I actually put in my

project management tool if it's

something that I kind of need to deal

with in it not relating to anything

necessarily I either do it straight away

I delete it because I don't like hi but

I never delete any emails are ico

because I don't actually need to do

anything with it or I snooze it now and

do it later on so it comes back into my

inbox so that's what's new that's how I

use snow so depending on the type of

email is the next one was all mail which

is basically archived so any email

application you have has an archive

folder which is basically all your

emails now as you know I use G sweet and

I think it's the best email system there

is whether you use it online or on your

Apple Mail has software to check your

emails or send email some write emails

and all mail is basically where I have

literally everything so whenever I get

an email

I either deal with it snooze it put in

my project management tool but once I've

dealt with it I archive it so whenever I

need to look for anything again if it's

to do with a project I go to the project

and all the emails to do with that

project are there so I don't need to go

hunting what a lot of people do is make

folders a lot of folders and I mean a

lot of all I had one client that I had


one hundred and 112 folders some of them

they even didn't even have anything in

them so how are you finding anything

well I go to the folder okay let's look

for this thing let's go to the folder

nothing there so she's either forgotten

to put something there or I don't know I

mean it's just pointless inbox where

things come in snows stuff that I need

to deal with later on or put it in your

project management tool or archive I've

dealt with it put it away if you need to

go and find it as I said you go to your

project management tool but if you need

to find it you know email apps nowadays

and operating systems and so on have got

really really good at doing search so

you know Gmail is probably one of the

best search features that any app I

think but Apple Mail and Catalina

sweater specifically are actually really

good in finding your emails when you're

doing a search within emails so you

don't need to find it you don't need to

file everything you don't need to have

everything in a different folder it

confuses things it you have to spend the

end of the day moving things over I mean

it's it's a complete headache I used to

do that years ago I started with email

back in 97 98 and when I started my

business when I was in the UK I had

followed us different clients what this

was invoices this was orders this what I

mean they were so at the end of each day

I was putting so many how many was


so wasting time it's just it's a

complete waste of time so this is how I

do my email this is this is it when you

want something as simple as this

seriously why are you fighting with your

emails you know email comes in you deal

with it you don't need to fight with a

where should I put it with what do I do

with it where should it go except I mean

it's pointless so keep it as simple as

possible as simple as possible so some

people actually need more than one inbox

I understand

you can use Apple Mail for that an Apple

Mail again is a fantastic email program

so there's no problem using it I use G

sweet online Gmail online for my G sweet

because I only have one mailbox that's

all you need really when you're working

for yourself or personally or whatever

if you have other emails you know for

instance I have a ton of email addresses

that they all come into one mailbox so

there's difference between email

accounts mailboxes and aliases like

different like info at or hello at or

wolf at whatever they all come into one

mailbox anyway that's the video today I

hope that helps you out if you need any

help with your email please put a

comment down below wherever you're

watching this whether it's YouTube or on

my website if you need any help you can

go to Mac for slash contact

there's a contact form there or what I'm

trying to do this week is promote my

email list so if you go here make Gemma

calm voice I subscribe I sent out an

email every Sunday called the Sunday

dojo and I will hopefully be doing a

video specifically on email for that

list only for that list so get on the

mailing list have a great day I'll see

you tomorrow

I'll see you tomorrow can't talk if I

talk quickly I can't talk see tomorrow

have a great day

keep it simple chap

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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