How to organise files & folders with tags on your Mac

After analysing my folder structure, I found there was something I wasn’t able to do. But after taking a step back and looking at what I needed to accomplish, I found that Apple had a fantastic feature that I have overlooked all these years… TAGS!


in today's episode I'm going to talk

about your filing structure now I did

have episode a video about this a couple

of days ago

but talking about iCloud and how I

organized my iCloud files but today I

came across an issue to do with how I

organize some part of my work my files

and I wanted to share that with you

today hi my name is Kay I'm a tech

medalist and a Mac junkie and I help my

clients organize their technology so

they can free up their time the issue

that I came up with and I'm going to

show you my screen in a moment is that I

work with a bunch of clients and each

client have their own folders and in

that folder they have a ton of stuff and

then I share that folder the issue comes

with now you know what let me show you

okay so this is my desktop and this is

my folder structure and you saw this the

other day you know the desktop might

work my business my personal and so on

I'll put a link to that video in the

show notes and in the description below

now if you look at that video and look

at this video you'll notice some one

thing that's extra and that's tags now I

don't like tags I've never liked tags

I've never used them I think they're a

waste of space however when I started

organizing my filing structure I

realized that I actually needed it now

as I said in my work folder I have all

of my clients my clients and listen not

all of them actually I got to get them

from my my archive yeah I have to bring

them over but but the thing is that it's

it's an A to Z of all my clients that

the clients that I'm working with now

there's a difference between the clients

information that OC I don't want to get

rid of and the ones that I want to work

with how do I organize that and I was

trying to Rack my brains I created

another folder called it you know

you're active and archived and stuff

like that and then I had to move them

from one and it drove drove me insane

and and I want I really wanted a really

really simple way of doing this and then

I thought hey I can just tag everything

that that I'm working on at the moment

now my inbox is always going to be is

always going to have the tag of active

but if I add a tag the tags come up on

the left here as you can see if I click

on it these are my all my active clients

that I'm working on projects with at the

moment so it's instead of going to this

work folder and seeing a mishmash of a

bunch of folders and everything again

this is one thing I hate is I want to be

focused on what I'm doing at that

particular moment so I just want to see

what I'm working on

not everything so actually I can just

click this and there are the folders

that I am or they're the clients that

I'm working on and their respective

folders so as you can see it's actually

really simple to kind of organize and

segment with tags now I'm going to do

some more experimenting with tags and

how I can probably organize different

parts of my filing struction and once I

do I'll make another video but I just

wanted to make this quick video about

how I'm starting to use tags with my

client folders my client information

projects and things like that it would

be good to know if you use tags as I

said this is actually the first time

I've actively used tags and it seems to

be a good idea to do if you do use tags

let me know how you use them let me know

if you've never used them and whether

this would help you outlaw but yeah why

not use the features that are built into

your Mac you're a Mac junkie after all

but I know I am you may well be anyway

have a great weekend is Friday so I'll

see you on Monday have a great weekend

and as always keep it simple see you

then ciao bye-bye

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, what I'm up to and how I can help you here.


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