How to have a happy & productive day

The difference between saying you have a ‘Busy Day’ and a ‘Full Day’ is enormous when it comes to calming your mind. It’s the difference between having a stressful day and a happy engaging and productive day. How? Let me explain…


so hi there it's Kay I'm back in my

office this video is actually kind of

about yesterday's video where I wasn't

in my office I was actually with a

client and why did I make the

yesterday's video with a client and

rather in my office now that's kind of

the topic of this video the difference

between having a busy day the word busy

and having a full schedule my day is

full and I don't really like to use the

word busy because it has a negative

connotation to it but for myself not

necessary for the other client not

necessarily for the other client but it

basically tells me that I haven't

figured out my day

I haven't organized my day in a way

where I can work where I you know the

things that I need to do so every day I

make daily video so every day I have a

section of the day that I put aside to

make the videos and a funny thing is

when I started making the videos you

used to take me three days to edit now

I'm just doing piece of camera with kind

of live almost and it takes me I've got

it down to 45 minutes actually

yesterday's video only took 20 minutes

to do so I've put time aside to do it so

if someone says to me can i book

something with you firstly I send them a

can only link but if I'm face to face

with them I don't generally say why

don't not generally I don't at all say

I'm busy I just say my schedule is full

sorry let's do it another time or a day

so and again is to do with the mindset

its semantics I get it but it's more for

me about the mindset so rather than

telling people that you're busy I think

it's best if you try to tell them that

your schedule is full my day is full I'm

not able to do it right now because my

schedule is full again it's more the

wording but it comes your mind and calms

your day when you don't use the word

busy I'm busy I'm going to do this

I got to do that I got to do that so the

day before or actually the morning or

that morning is how I do it because I'm

not busy I organized my day to figure

out what I'm doing the next day or for

that day whether it's the night before

or the morning on the day that makes any


so so I plan it out and figure out what

I'm doing I don't block time block I did

a video about this I'm basically it is

time [ __ ] I guess but it's blocking

out chunks of the day so I made a video

about that if you go back and watch some

of those videos anyway that's the video

today I hope you're having a great day

one thing I need to ask you is that I

will be making a course about tech

minimalism and about Apple how to use

your Apple effectively what I'm going to

be doing is sending out a survey now

what I would love for you guys to do is

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because the algorithm depending on the

platform you're using or actually all

platforms will help me get this video to

more more people because I'd like to

help other people with tech melanism

and Apple stuff as well so the more

people that comment share and like this

video the more people get to see it and

they get to see my survey and I couldn't

help them better that stuff also anyway

have a great day

keep it simple and I will see you

tomorrow tomorrow it's Thursday yeah see

it's more ok have a good day all right

Hi, I'm Kia

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