How to focus better with hard borders

Having 'Hard Borders' with your apps and tools help you concentrate and focus on what you're doing, that way you don't get distracted by things on the screen that are within your view.


hi there so yes that I spoke about how I

allocate my time and set up chunks of

the day to do specific tasks whether

it's email or doing video calls video

conference calls coaching sessions and

so on so forth so but if you haven't

seen that video go and see it it's

actually I think he'll give you some

value as to how you should block off

times throughout the day to actually

save you time in today's video what I

want to talk about is how you use your

apps whether it's on your phone or your

Mac in fact this is more to do with the

Mac and how you shouldn't have too many

things going on at the same time

the point is distractions like I talked

about with my about my iPhone and how I

don't have notifications on my phone the

only ones I have is communication if

anyone is trying to communicate with me

obviously I want in a notification for

that but for anything else I don't have

notifications on so the point is

distractions and getting rid of as many

distractions as you can when you're

working so on my Mac the tools that I

have are specific to that particular

task so if I want to look at my email

only email is open not it not as a yeah

that Apple has a full screen utility or

whatever function I don't use that I

just make the window as big as I can so

my email takes up the whole screen and

that's what I deal with same with my

tasks and my calendar might and my

project management tool which is

basically oh sorry I'm looking down at

screen here and my Notes app and certain

tools that I use so they're actually

full screen so I'm not being distracted

by other things going on so if I'm

writing an email I want to be able to

concentrate on the email and that task

at hand and not look at all those notes

on my others

the notification coming up or there are

tabs open and stuff like that

I literally have one thing going at any

one time now I looked at this in the

past as well you're not multitasking

now multitasking is good to a certain

point but if you're trying to

concentrate on one thing multitasking is

the worst thing you can do

the worst thing so keep focus on that

one particular task so I'm writing a

note so I'll pull up my I use Apple

notes pull up my Apple notes get rid of

the side bar blank page and I start

writing the same with email I have an

email I have the the email that I want

to reply to sent hit reply and the river

and the replies the majority of the

screen obviously you still want to see

what you're you know to go back to the

actual email you of replying to calendar

again full screen it's just the calendar

that's all I want

yes okay you couldn't you need to flip

between your email and your calendar

sometimes but luckily for me I use an

app called calendly tell your story so I

had before I used any kind of scheduling

tool or calendar Leon anything I had a

client who was trying to book some time

with me this was a while ago and it took

day and that just blew my mind I was

like okay after that email I have that I

finished that email I went and looked

for a scheduling tool and it's been a

godsend because I you know if people

want to book a time of date with me I

send them a link they they know when I'm

available or not and the times I'm

available and they booked it and that's

it so there's no growing backwards and

forwards with email again that's more I

treat that as a delegation I don't work

with anyone I don't have a VA but I like

to delegate things so I delegate you

know booking time with me to the person

who wants to book time with me

so again trying to get rid of your

notifications and distractions on your

screen while you're working is a big

role for me anyway it's a big thing so

hopefully that's helped you do you

actually work in full screen mode do you

have lots of things on your screen in

fact what do you do with your

notifications is really interesting for

me to know that anyway that's the video

I hope you have a great day if you have

any questions if you need any help or C

you can get in touch with me on my

website which is Mac junkie comm or just

put a note down below in the comments

and I'll get back to you anyway have a

great day keep it simple and I keep it

keep it simple and I'll see you tomorrow

okay ciao away

Hi, I'm Kia

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