How many subscription services do you use?

There are so many software/service subscriptions that it can get annoying having to pay for more and more of them. However, have you thought about why and how they’re actually helping you?


subscriptions for software and

everything it's isn't it annoying we pay

for iCloud and Netflix and Spotify and

Dropbox gee sweet I mean our phone is a

subscription our internet connection our

TV I don't have TV but TV cable

companies and so on isn't it annoying

paying for all these sub solutions I

know I find it annoying

however turn that around if you didn't

have these things would your life suck

some of them you could probably get rid

of you don't need Netflix you don't need

Spotify you don't need a telephone but

actually you do so you have to pay for

your subscription on your phone you

don't need specific software so you got

to choose the right subscriptions

depending on what you need not not kind

of a luxury item luxury item is like you

know going out and having a meal in a

restaurant now and again that you've

never done before that's a luxury item

so Spotify music is that a luxury item

or is there a necessity well it's not a

necessity it's a nice I mean there are

three tiers right necessity nice to

haves and luxury item so why do I pay

for Spotify and why do I pay for Apple

music why does she I don't pay for Apple

music why do I pay for Spotify well in

the olden days when I used to buy

records and then CDs I used to go and

spend hundreds every month just on

records obviously I used to DJ so I used

to get some things for free but instead

of paying you know 10 euros ten dollars

whatever it is per CD or per record

you're paying pretty much 10 for as much

as much as you want now there's a lot of

garbage on there but you find the ones

that you want then everything is that

now the stuff that's eclectic obviously

you don't have to go and buy so my point

is there are certain reasons why you

should pay for subscriptions for

software and stuff and services but

other things you just don't need

a needed need don't need it's not need

them need to look sometimes so if

another subscriptions subscription

service came up you've got to decide

whether it's worth getting it not I hope

God is another subscription and

depending on what it costs like Basecamp

is a hundred dollars I pay for it

because I want to use it because it's

it's actually saved me saving me a lot

of time and effort to work with my

clients and to do my projects asana it's

thirty five roughly 35 or 40 dollars a


minimum five users so you pay thirty

five or forty four five users now is

that worth it

for me it's not worth it because there's

only one of me but then I'm paying three

times the amount for base camp well I

find Basecamp better for me hence why I

don't use asylum because it originates I

found the sauna to be expensive it was

annoying having to pay for five so the

point is choosing the right tool for the

work that you need to do and things that

would help you along the way so you

don't get frustrated and annoyed with it

why am i coming up with this what am I

talking about subscriptions because I've

been thinking about it for a while but I

actually thinking of doing a

subscription service myself now I know

there's not gonna be thousands of

millions of people that are interested

in it but I think some will be the

reason why I think some will be is

because I'm constantly getting messages

for help and obviously I do help feed

people if it's a quick a message however

that takes my time away from the people

who are paying for my coaching services

so I don't think it's fair I don't mind

doing it but I don't think it's fair for

the people who are paying for a service

to give service away for free so make

sense so yes another subscription

service anyway if you have any questions

about subscription services or whether

you find them annoying

or whatever put them down below or send

me a message through my website make

charcoal that's a video for today enjoy

your day keep it simple and I'll see you

tomorrow ok bye bye ciao

Hi, I'm Kia

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