How many inboxes do you actually need?

Do you find yourself bouncing from one inbox to the other all day every day, trying to find out what needs to get done? Well, it’s time to cut your inboxes!


so hello I hope you had a great weekend

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anyway today's video is about inboxes

now we have an email inbox obviously we

have a to-do list we probably have a

project management tool or several if

you're a freelancer I've noticed if

you're working for different clients you

have a bunch of different systems that

you need to connect to to be able to

work as a freelance so the point is to

have the least amount of in boxes that

you can if you can't you're going to

have to have one place where you can go

and check so you know what you're doing

throughout the day I use it to do lists

doesn't matter which to-do list you

would actually use but as long as you

have some sort of an inbox that tells

you you've got this going on or make

sure you have to get all of this done

the worst thing you can do is checking

which is probably what you do and a lot

of people do checking each individual

inbox all the time obviously a calendar

is an inbox so you know if you have a

calendar you have to check your calendar

or it will tell you that something's

going on so that's one inbox the email

is another inbox

hopefully you don't have notifications

on you check your emails once or twice a

day that's what I do and you have it

to-do list system where if you can put

the to-do list in your calendar so you

know what's going on or put your

calendar in your to-do list like the

integration not put but the integration

so that they're talking to each other so

you can negate that kind of Inbox

but effectively you should have only

three inboxes now if there's no

integration you could use your to-do

list as your main inbox as it were

meaning if you've got something to do

for so say you're a freelancing you're

working on three different systems now

I'm pretty certainly there's not that

many tools like Trello doesn't asana is

completely useless with notifications

Basecamp isn't great for notifications

depending on what you're doing so it

depends on what you're doing and how

you're working and it's kind of

double-jointed in a way you have to put

put something in your own to do in your

own personal to-do list well that's the

only way I've found the best way so I

can actually just check one place to

actually see what I'm doing throughout

the day like for instance today I had

about 15 tasks to do but now I think I

have seven actually I've done a few of

those probably five now so you're not

big tasks make this video put some FAQ

is on my website make sure send an email

out so all of these things actually go

on my to-do list so I know what's

happening and also things in my projects

and stuff I'm gonna make a video about

how I do my project and how I things

change all the time how I communicate

with my clients and so on when I'm

working on a project so so the whole

point of video today is inbox

create one inbox or as least amount as

you as you

can I think I have to my email and my

to-do list and everything I need to do

for that day but just in those two

places which is kind of the best way to

do it anyway hopefully that's beneficial

to you again if you could share this

video and comment that will be really

awesome have a great day I'll see you


tomorrow is to use the handma no

Saturday see you tomorrow and remember

keep it simple take your child away

Hi, I'm Kia

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