How do you keep your Mac data safe?

Today’s video comes to you from a client’s location. They’re having issues with their iMac, so call me to help them resolve it. However, the system is corrupt, and we need to get the data from a backup so we can restore it for them.

And in this video, I will explain how best to set up your Mac and make sure your data is safe, secure and available to you at all times.


so hi there is Tuesday I'm not in my

office as you can see I'm actually with

a client right now trying to resolve

some issues with his iMac now the whole

point of this video today is to explain

how to keep your data and how to keep

your yeah your data safe this client

does use iCloud and he does use office

use this computer and it's a complete

mess files are absolutely everywhere now

it's not a main not a massive issue

where the issue comes is what the

problem that he has is that the system

got corrupt I've been trying to fix it

for past hour or so and I'm not able to

fix it so basically we have to reinstall

everything the the problem is that we

don't know where all the files are we

don't know where everything anything is

we it's not synced with anything so what

I'm planning to do today and I've

already explained to my client is to

make sure everything is in a cloud

service so in this instance we're going

to use iCloud because the it's the

easiest thing to use but things like 365

Dropbox to a certain degree although I

don't like that software or G suite

which is the one that I use for my for

running my business but this isn't a

business this is actually just a home

and he just needs to make sure that his

office computer is synced up with his

phone and with his lounge iMac as well

but the main issue is that the files are

all over the place nothing is synced

nothing is anywhere so I had to go and

scavenge all this data to make sure we

can get everything and put it in one

place so the point of this video is to

make sure you know where all your files

are just in case something happens to

your computer now you know he does have

back place the problem is he's been

getting emails saying it's not working


can't not account is frozen but the

backup is frozen so hasn't backed up for

the last 200 days so we've got to go in

and scavenge data to try to figure out

where it is and rebuild the computer

anyway I'm gonna carry on doing this

hope you guys having a great day

remember keep it simple and I will see

you tomorrow take care ciao bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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