Having a solid email system with amazing support, just in case, for your business is paramount in today’s world. So here’s how I've set up mine.


I love email. I love sending emails. I love receiving emails. I like the format. I like the technology. It's simple, and it's just it just works.

I received a message from Paul asking, "I'm looking into moving away from Google Workspace what do you recommend?" here's my reply...

I only recommend what I use and what I've used in the past. What I'm using currently is Fastmail for my back end and HEY for my front end.

The reason I use Fastmail is because HEY doesn't allow import archives and also if you've got a bunch of domains, Fastmail allows you to host those domains for your email, but in HEY you can actually send out as any of those domains/emails.

He did ask about iCloud. Would I use iCloud? Now I did try that, and it does work, but you're stuck with five domain names and only five aliases. Whereas with Fastmail it's unlimited.

So you don't have to have both you can just use HEY. The problem though would be your email archive has to be on your local computer so if you're out and about you can't get to your archive. HEY for personal is what I use. And with HEY for work, you have to pay per domain.

I personally wouldn't use iCloud because there are limitations. I did have issues sending and receiving with iCloud in the past, but that was eight months ago.

HEY has fantastic support and It just works. Fastmail again I've never actually had an issue. I've had questions, and they answer within a couple of hours. So support for me for both of those products are great.

I use email constantly so if something does go wrong, I need to be able to speak to someone pronto, and with HEY and Fastmail, they just work.

If you need my help setting up a new email system for you let me know we'll set up an appointment for a chat.

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