Headaches and goals

When you set a goal, no matter what, you have to stay focused on the goal to achieve it. Even if you've had a busy day, headache throughout, and your tool stack annoying you... STAY FOCUSED on the GOAL!


hi there sorry about today's video being

so late it's been an insane day for me

I've had a headache all day it's been

the busiest day for the past few weeks

I've had quite a lot of people come in

with their with their computers to to

help them with that yes I do still do

that I love doing that so I can't stop

doing that and I thought rather than

miss out a video my promise was to make

a video every single day and today

shouldn't be an exception even though I

still have a headache so anyway with

that being said yesterday's video was

about setting a goal for myself and

making sure others have set goals for

themselves you know helping other people

set goals with their technology now I

got an email yesterday to work with a

client and she has her own goal set but

she has she had a list of apps that

we're going to go through we're gonna

actually do a session together she has a

massive list of apps that I just it

amazes me how many tools and apps she

has in a tool stack I hope she doesn't

mind me talking about this and there

isn't a problem with having a lot of

tools but you will get distracted and

that's one of the things that we're

gonna obviously go through and that's

one of the things she actually wants

help with so wasn't what's the point of

loads of apps and goals well if you have

loads of apps and you don't know where

to go to and you can't streamline your

workflow whatever goal you have is gonna

be set back because you're not actually

doing your work you're not concentrating

on your work right you're fighting with

your tools I mean you know this whole

running theme of me saying stop fighting

with your tools the tools that that's to

help you not to hinder

and I feel and she also feels that she

needs help with her tools because she

just have she just has way too many

tools and there's a lot of things that

are duplicated so we're gonna do this

session see how he goes I'm gonna speak

with her to see if she's okay with me

talking about it obviously and hopefully

we can get her fixed up so she can get

on with her goals

now the other goal I wanted to talk

about was me doing a video every single

day and I really don't want to miss it

today so sorry it's a it's not a great

video today but it is a video and

hopefully you found some benefit from it

and I'll see you tomorrow for a better

video okay have a good one chat

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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