The universe came from nothing. Your business was built from the ground up. Some things come out of thin air. So can your video ideas.


I was on the 10q Interview podcast a couple of days ago. And there were two questions that I didn't quite know how to answer. One of the two questions was how do you come up with your ideas all the time? Do you always have ideas?

Now I thought about it at the time, as I'm always coming up with ideas, but there are times actually like today when I had no idea what video to make.

Today I'm stuck. What could I make? But that in itself is a video, that in itself is something that someone would be interested in.

If you're trying to pick up the camera to make a video for yourself for your business, even having no idea is still an idea to make a video about.

Now think about Seinfeld, the show about nothing, I made a video about it a few days ago. The whole point of 'the show about nothing', is just that. Your life is the show. Your life is the thing that you could share.

So having no idea is the actual idea in itself. So don't think that you can never make a video because you have no idea. Whatever happened to you that day can be the show, can be content.

But you have to provide value. Now people may say, "Well, you're talking into the void right now because you're making a video about nothing". Yes, to a certain degree, but in the other sense, it's hopefully helping you think, "Oh, you know what I'll get in front of the camera and make a video today".

The point is it should be a conversation. For instance, when you're on a train, on a bus, on a tram etc., and you hear a conversation, you say to yourself, "What the fuck are they talking about?" But you're still listening to it because you're intrigued, you're interested.

That show [conversation] is about nothing, but you're still interested. So having no idea is also an idea as well.

Now it might sound weird, but for today's video, I had absolutely no idea before I pressed record to make this video, I did have a bunch of ideas, but I just wasn't feeling today.

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