Having 15 spoons isn’t necessary

A few weeks ago, I made a 'Reset' video going through and resetting my tools and the apps I use to run my business.

But with the crisis at the moment, I started thinking more about my personal life, and the quote I use for my business; How much is enough?

In this episode, I talk about how I started thinking that less is definitely more in terms of what you need to live, and maybe it’s time we all start thinking about 'How much is enough?'


so another days here and it got me

thinking about how much is enough now in

the past I've been talking about how

much is enough in regard with technology

and I'll touch on that towards the end

of the video but how much is enough in

the sense of well let's put it this way

I've basically tried to understand what

I need to live and I think pretty much

everyone is especially with what's going

on right now

how many kitchen utensils you need how

many t-shirts do you need how many you

know socks and pants you need how how

many things do you need around the house

and because we're in a situation that

we're in now it hasn't affected me too

much because I like staying at home and

I do a lot of remote work so that's not

it's not that bad but it got me thinking

when I went shopping for instance how

people are just buying bulk buying chips

and coke and toilet paper obviously and

loads of other stuff and hoarding you

come to realize that you don't actually

need that much stuff to live all right

I've come to that realization

I don't need 15 spoons I live on my own

with a dog I don't need you know twelve

knives and stuff and so on and so forth

so how much is enough as I said I talk I

usually talk about how much is enough in

regards with my work well financially if

I usually say if I make enough money for

the day the week or a month I basically

stop working I also talk about how much

is enough with technology you don't need

loads of tools to run your business and

work and earn money I mean if I mean

recently I just did a reset and I got

rid of a ton of tools now the tools that

I need are collaborating with clients my

project management task list being able

to write down notes connecting with my

clients via zoom or something like that

and being able to remote and do remote

support and that's basically it I don't

need all these other fancy stuff but

that's me you've got to go through your

system and figure out how much is enough

what basically you need

but going back to life in general I've

realized that I don't need that much to

live we don't need that much to live I

live in this big apartment it's a

beautiful apartment it's it's got

amazing views it's sunny all day I have

a fantastic triple high office at double

high office or whatever you want to call

it and it's great but I realize I don't

need it anymore

there's a ton of stuff I've realized

that I just don't need and you probably

go through maybe you've gone through

your life and your situation and maybe

you figured out that there's a lot of

stuff that you don't need now because of

this situation that we're in is the

reason why I've been thinking about it a

lot more because I've got a lot more

time but also because of as I said going

shopping and people are hoarding and

stuff and you start thinking like do you

really need all of those cans of coke do

you really need you know all this milk

and stuff now there's pros and cons for

that obviously I live on my own so it's

a bit more that it's a bit easier like I

make a massive pot of chili and freeze

it and I can eat from two for two weeks

on that stuff so I understand it's

different but so I went through my

system my life the things around me and

I've just decided as I have done before

with that reset video where I've said

I'm gonna get rid of a lot of stuff it

actually makes more sense now you don't

need a ton of stuff especially with your

computer that's what we're here for

anyway I'm going to leave it there today

hope you guys are doing well as always

keep it simple go through your life your

system and recognize how much is enough

and maybe get rid of stuff that you

don't need donate it sell it if if you

need to donate it to people who don't

have it

um anyway I'll leave it there today

have a great day stay safe wash your

hands and I'll see you tomorrow ciao bye


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