Happy King's day 2020!

It's a bank holiday here in Amsterdam, so today's video is cancelled! Well Kinda.


so I hope you had a great weekend today

in Amsterdam is Kings day it's Monday

it's basically a bank holiday and no one

should be working so I'm not going to do

a video today so I want to go and relax

on my balcony with Wolf and do nothing

so very quickly I want a quick

announcement two announcements one is

that I have a newsletter an email

newsletter and I was sending it out on

Sunday but I feel that there isn't that

much engagement on Sunday so I'm gonna

move it to Wednesday during office hours

because I believe we should do

everything during office hours and not

after hours so my email list is moving

to Wednesdays now the other announcement

is my membership now you're probably

aware that I'm doing membership but not

many people do know it so just want to

put it out there if you go to my website

I'll put it up here basically it's a

mastermind membership group you pay per

month and you have access to a bunch of

stuff anyway go and read it that's all

I'm gonna say today it's a very short

one have a great Monday

enjoy your bank holiday and I'll see you

tomorrow with some with a better video

have a great day ciao bye bye

Let's stay in touch

No lead magnets. No sales emails. I'm not even trying to convince you to join my email list. But you sure will learn new things if you're on it.

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