Gut feelings

Gut feelings are good, but it has to be an informed ‘gut feeling’ otherwise you’ll pay dearly to change that decision later on down the line, and that’s never a good thing for you, your time, or your clients.


so hello today's video is about gut

feelings and what I mean by that is we

all have got feelings for certain things

in our lives when it comes down to your

business and your computers and the tech

in your business you've got to make sure

that your gut feeling is correct now

having a gut feeling about piece of

software or the way you work with your

computer is great to a certain degree it

kind of has to be an informed decision

gut feeling but to kind of defeats the

object of gut feelings if you find a

piece of software that you like to use

because it has all the bells and

whistles is not the ideal situation

because your gut feeling says that this

is going to be good for me right but it

will turn out to be the wrong decision

the the the most difficult decision that

you have made later on would be to

reverse that decision if that makes any

sense so gut feelings are good to a

certain degree but it has to be an

informed gut feeling to use that app or

service or whatever so you you know as I

said earlier we need our computers to

run our business and if you just go on a

whim in picking at all or an app you're

gonna regret it later on down the line

because you're gonna have to export

import if it's at all possible to move

all your data from one to the other

which I do not recommend I've done it

thousands of times for actually myself a

few times but for clients as well why

myself well I need to learn this stuff

for you so I need to know about this

stuff all these apps and so on so again

gut feelings are great and I do go with

my gut quite a lot but it has to be an

informed decision gut feeling such a

mouthful saying that even but I think

you understand what I mean

going by gut feeling because somebody


they use the app and you think you're

going to use it going by gut feeling

like oh I seen this app and it's great

and it has this extra thing that this

app that I'm using doesn't so I want to

move along it's a worse decision you can

make worse decision you can make they

said I've done it in the past I've done

it for clients in the past and it's not

great so get informed and be informed

I mean before they actually know what

you what you need and what you want go

through your workflow figure out how

you're working where are you put your


where are your to-do lists where are

your notes what are you using these

tools for and figuring out and then

figure out the missing pieces in those

apps and then go and find an app that

will work for you don't find an app and

go I will make my work mishmash into

working with this with this app or

service or whatever anyway that's the

video today hope you have I hope you're

having a great day I'll see you tomorrow

and remember keep it simple so you lip

chap I

Hi, I'm Kia

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