Getting out of your comfort zone - short MacJunky history

It's not an easy task to leave your comfort zone, but you'll be glad you did and wish you did it earlier.

In today's episode, I share my story of leaving my comfort zone and changing how MacJunky, as a business, is now succeeding in a slightly different area of business due to me making a leap of faith and leaving my comfort zone for the better!


are you stuck in your comfort zone and

finding it really really difficult to

get out and try to do new things well

this episode I'm going to give you my

story about my comfort zone and how I'm

changing a few things for the better

hi my name is Kay I'm a techie

minimalist and I help my clients

organize their technology so they can

free up their time so this episode is

actually kind of a personal episode it's

like a diary entry but I just want to

put it out there and I wanted my viewers

and listeners to understand where I was

where my comfort zone was and how I'm

trying to get out of that comfort zone

to try new things so as you know Mac

junkie as you probably know Mac junkie

has been going since 2007 here in

Holland I've been doing Mac stuff for

like 25 28 years well when I moved to

Holland I wanted to start afresh so I

started this company to only be me I

didn't want a team I had a team when I

was in the UK but I didn't want a team I

wanted to do everything myself it's

worked out fantastically however in 2012

could move forward basically what

happened then was Apple came out with

the MacBook Pros at the time and I found

them increasingly harder to repair I

mean I was always doing help support and

repair but the weird thing was I said

that more people were coming for me for

repair than help and support so I was

doing a lot of repairs but in 2013 12 13

when the new MacBooks came out I

realized then that I needed to change my

business to be relevant to be able to do

what I enjoyed doing so I started

thinking about how I could pivot over

away from the repair and do the support

work and the help work which again as I

said I already did but I need to get rid

of the repair

it took me a long time to pivot over

purely because obviously there's a lot

of older machines out there that I still

did repair now having about six thousand

clients people kept coming back to me

but now it's getting to a time in the

past year or so - yeah a year and a half

two years 18 months maybe

I found that less and less people were

coming to me for repairs I was still

getting the same amount of work with the

support and stuff but the repair work

wasn't there I'm gonna wrap this up in a

moment it seems like it's a longer video

than I expected

so my comfort zone was doing the repairs

everything's fine everything's fantastic

but I need to make that leap into

education rather than fixing if that

makes any sense

so I need to I needed to try to pivot my

company away from doing to training and

educating now I've made that switch

about a year ago about a year year and a

half ago and it's been immensely

fantastic and it's been really really


do you take minimalism coaching doing

help on-site do remote support and stuff

like that it's been fantastic so the new

things that I'm doing is the the tech

minimalism coaching and helping people

with their technology to minimize stuff

hence the tech minimalism so that's what

I'm moving into but the comfort zone was

the old Mac junkie in the old way of

working and it was insanely difficult

for me to move but again like I've

explained before now that I have I am so

glad I did and I kind of wish I did it

back in 2013 of them think sense so my

question to you is are you stuck in your

comfort zone are you willing to make

that jump are you able to make that jump

into something new I would really think

about it because if you're on the cusp

of thinking you know what I should go in

do something else whether it's for for

your business or for your personal or

tech related anything if you are

thinking about the thing you're thinking

about and thinking and think well you

know I'm not sure if this is a good idea

trust me when I say it probably is a

good idea and I think you should just

get out of your comfort zone and make

that jump I often tell people when they

come in with a computer that needs

repairing they usually say well I'll go

and buy another computer but then I

think well all you need to do is fix

this thing and then you can carry on

doing what you're doing but just better

because it's fixed rather than trying to

change and do something else

so get out of your comfort zone make it

work and you'll be glad that you did

hopefully this helps you out again it's

kind of like a personal video I kind of

wanted to get it out there and for you

guys to understand where I've come from

where I'm going to selfishly hopefully

it helps you out anyway have a great day

today is Wednesday yeah have a great

Wednesday and as always keep it simple

and I'll see you tomorrow ciao bye-bye

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