G Suite vs Google apps

I’m often asked about the security of G Suite and how it affects data that’s stored with their service. In this video, I go through the between G Suite, the free Google account, and how you can avoid GDPR issues.


man it's hot today it really is a

beautiful day didn't wanna be stuck in

the office doing another video so I come

to Amsterdam boss which is the Amsterdam

forest I mean the blossom Park it's not

quite blossoming but it's actually

really nice under the canopy this video

is going to be about G suite versus

Google Apps there's a difference between

the two and a lot of people are getting

confused as to what the difference is

this past week I've installed quite a

few G suite accounts for freelancers and

small businesses but one of the first

things that they asked me is how secure

this it's Google they're reading my

information well there's a yes and a no

answer to that and I'll go through it

very quickly Google Gmail calm with the

gmail account that you probably have is

free now they do read the metadata of

that account and the reason why they do

that is because Google's business is

serving ads with their search and so on

so they read the metadata to give you

better experience as they say when

you're surfing online and so on I don't

agree with it obviously but that's what

it is G suite however is the paid the

Google service now with the paid Google

service it's impossible for them to read

the information your information is

totally secure and no one could not have

access to it basically

so with G suite if you have a document

on GC whether it's a contact a document

an email or whatever that document

pretend it's a piece of paper gets

shredded into hundreds if not thousands

of pieces those pieces are then placed

onto servers around the world now Google

from what I understand has about two two

and a half million services it's insane

so each piece of your document is placed

on different server and that in turn is


if anyone was able to access one of

those servers they can't get your data

because a is encrypted and B it's just

an itty-bitty part of your document so

the only person that can gain access to

that file is you Google can't Google IT

guys kind of no one can it's all

encrypted so the security part I really

wouldn't worry about on the G suite side


G suite is the paid and the service

agreement with a paid service and the

service agreement with the free service

are completely different if you're using

a free service you are the product hence

Google let's not talk about Facebook and

score but you are the product G suite is

the paid and there you're signing a

contract with Google about your security

your files and the security of your

files because all the information that

you put in your G suite especially if

you're a small business or freelancer is

client information now if you're based

in the EU you have to abide by the G DPR

rules also with your client so if you're

using your gmail.com account for

business you could see yourself in a bit

of a bother it's actually quite simple

but it's quite complicated in the sense

of what you're allowed to do what you're

not allowed to do but to actually fix it

it's actually quite simple

so again G suite is the paid version

Google Gmail comm is the free version I

mean now that I've installed I've

installed countless of G suite accounts

and forgetting the security part of it

hey wolf yeah forgetting a security part

of it the level of service you get with

a G suite account because you're paying

for it is so much higher with the normal

Google Apps account if you have a

problem you have to go to a forum etc

with the

gee sweet account you actually have a

telephone number in email address or

even online chat to fix any issues that

you have is you have any issues so we

won't go into that basically I just

wanted to talk to you about the

differences between G sweet and free

Google Apps so just get yourself a G

sweet account and you never have to

worry about anything anyway have a good

day I'm going to go and play with wolf

thank you have to go and play ball yes

ball have a great day and keep it simple

okay talk to you soon ciao bye bye

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