If you can’t explain what you do within five words or less, you have no idea what you do and wasting time trying to sell your BS to a prospect.


I've been following a lot of marketers, storytellers, and podcasters about business, and I've been listening recently to a guy called Sun Yi, I've listened to a few episodes of this, and he goes in on his community!

He has people from his community come on to the podcast to talk about their business and learn about storytelling and how they can sell via storytelling.

I understand the concept of it, and he's very respectful, I don't know how he does it because if it were me on that podcast, I would gain apeshit on these fucking people.

Now I'm not in any way being disrespectful or negative about what they do and who they are personally, but some of them have been in business for a long period of time, they're businessmen, businesswomen, business people, and they should know what they do!

It just seems to me that they're so fucking hung up on what their job title should be than what they actually do for their client!

If you can't explain what you do in a quick conversation, I'm not talking about elevator pitches, because with elevator pitches, you have to give some kind of a story, I'm talking about when you're at a party, and someone says oh, what do you do?

Why the fuck would you want to give them a whole story? They just want to know what you do!!

Are you a firefighter? Let's go in on that...

So the person's a firefighter, for instance, and they would probably say,

"Yeah, I'm a regional water distributor for a local..."

No bitch! You're a fucking firefighter that fights fire with fucking water. Don't come up with a fucking story!

What do you do? It should be very easy and very quick. You have to get that point across, and if you have to come up with a story, it'll be shit.

No one gives a fuck about your story, especially when you're talking to prospects. When you're working with them, and they want to know your story, then fine. They might even hire you for other things. But if someone asks you, "what do you do?" just fucking tell them what you do!!

It's really simple It's not that fucking difficult, and it's just beyond me as to why you have to come up with these job titles that mean fucking nothing.

One of the worst offenders is 'Support Champion', that fucking irritates the fuck out of me because I'm in support I'm not a fucking champion. I just do what I do, and I do it well!!

So if someone asked you "what do you do?" What do you say? You need to be able to say it in less than five words, less than five words is better.

Otherwise, it's just fluff, bullshit, and you're a cunt!

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