We all use it. We all benefit from it. We all love and hate it at the same time. But why is the Internet the cesspool of shit and a great place to be?


I love the internet and everything that it brings. It's brought me joy. I've learned a lot of things. It's brought me friends. It's brought me my best friend. It's brought me many girlfriends. It's brought me so much good stuff.

It's even for my work, it's brought me an insane amount of business. It's brought me loads of great connections. The internet itself is an amazing thing, but what I don't like about the internet is the arseholes on it.

I'm not talking about just trolls. I mean, I'm a troll. I do troll a lot, and I do antagonise a lot, but I feel that that's coming from a place of feedback rather than annoyance, resentment or jealousy.

What I want to talk about is the bad side of the Internet is all these arseholes that think they're something and they're not.

The whole ghostwriter thing just annoys the fuck out of me. The whole fake guru thing annoys the hell out of me. The whole, "Have you taken my course" or "I've been coaching you, and if you haven't got any better, then it must be something you're doing".

Who the fuck are you to tell me that shit? It's those kinds of people, those kinds of trolls, those kinds of fake gurus that I cannot fucking stand on the Internet. I do navigate around it. I sometimes do troll them, and it's hilarious.

But I wanna talk about one particular Twitter thing that happened.

A few days ago, someone posted that they reached out to someone via a DM and got a reply saying the product or service was $2,000, so she wanted to know how she worked and what her team was.

Now I do understand those questions, and I don't agree with how the person replied. But they're both fucking idiots. The first reply was, "That's $2,000" and the second reply was, "Irrelevant questions".

Yes, they are truly irrelevant, but that's not how you gain trust in a client. So that's one issue with one of the parties involved. The second party said, "I want to know what I'm getting myself into". I agree. But if you're reaching out to someone via a DM, you're a fucking idiot.

If you haven't done any due diligence beforehand, you're a fucking idiot. You're both fucking idiots, one for replying non-professionally and the second asking about team and stuff where it's twofold.

One, it's none of your fucking business how the job gets done. If you hire me and then tell me what to do, I'm firing you. I don't want your money. Here's your money back. Don't tell me how to do my fucking job when you hire me.

So when you hire an expert, you're reaching out to them, and you're hiring them to get a result. Don't ask them how they fucking do it. Yes, you need to know certain things, like 'how big your team is'. Okay, fair enough. What's your portfolio? Yeah, okay, I get it.

I don't show my portfolio. The only things that you see on my website are testimonials. So if you asked me,"I want to see your clients", I'm like, "Dude, look at the testimonials. I'm not going to tell you about my other clients who didn't want to believe a testimonial", maybe because they want to be known that way.

So firstly, if you have no website, stop fucking calling yourself a business. Nowadays, you need a website. You need a proper fucking domain. You need a proper fucking website, a proper fucking brand.

So first thing, unprofessional the way you've replied. And secondly, if you're looking for someone, don't fucking reach out via DMs. And if you do, you should at least know some of their fucking background. Otherwise, you're going to get this interaction. Then you're going to post it, and everyone's going to chime in on that shit.

So again, the Internet I love, but this side of the Internet just fucking drives me crazy. So you cunts better watch out because there are people like me that will call you out.

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