Is it just me? Am I being oversensitive? I don't think so. Why should SaaS companies get away with releasing software and apps under the guise of; 'just ship it', when there are bugs and features missing?!


Just ship it, just get it out there. Don't worry about it. We'll deal with it later. That should be illegal. That really should be. Now this is a Friday fury episodes. If you're not into swearing or anything like that, watch my other videos. I am going to be swearing here. Now there's a lot of developers and a lot of SAS companies have this notion that they should just ship a product.

Now I'm not saying that they do this. Purposeful Val. They, they don't really do it purposefully, but I do believe they do it without really thinking things through the whole point of just ship it from what it should be is get the product out there. Let's add features later. Okay. I can live with that, but a lot of the times, these people, these complete utter candies ship, these products with an enormous amount of bugs or features that should actually be there from the beginning.

Now, there are some features that you don't always need from the beginning, especially if you're beta, a beta testing, but features and bugs. That deliberately not looked at so they can just ship. It should be illegal and it's just fucking insane. And there, there are, there are a ton of, uh, apps and SAS companies that do this.

Um, there's too many for me to list. There's just a way to click up is one of them, but there's too many to list and SAS companies that really think. About the process about the way that the program should be used, the app should be used the way that the client, the user is going to use it and how it interacts.

Other, other apps and companies that I deal with that I like to deal with. Companies and assess, um, products and apps that tend to think, you know what, let's just get it out there, get some money in and then figure it out later that absolute, utter assholes. And I try to stay away from them. And as soon as I find out that the.

Um, because that, that app that I'm using or recommending, I have a tools page, I'll put a link below, uh, where I recommend a lot of tools and tools that I don't recommend and things that I'm actually using. They will never go onto that page because I don't trust them. There's no way they should be releasing this software with these fucking bugs.

It's just, I want to punch the camera anyway. That's the Friday fury episode. Hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you in the next one. Ciao.

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