Humanity won’t last if we sit in our homes with goggles strapped to our heads, not interacting with our environment and other humans.


My arms are crossed because it is Friday Fury. Today's topic, as you've obviously seen in the title, is Apple.

At Apple's WWDC conference last week, they released new software and also new hardware and in particular, the Apple Vision Pro thing, which I think is a complete travesty!

The reason I say it's a travesty is because I believe you should be outside. You shouldn't be sitting at home playing on your computer all the time. You shouldn't be wearing these goddamn fucking ugly ass goggles!

And everyone who licks Apple's anus, I mean, I'm the Mac Junkie, I've been the Mac guy since 86-87. I should be the guy that should be licking their ass, right?

But there are Apple fanboys that go absolutely crazy with anything Apple does, firstly, it's annoying, and secondly, they're just fucking wrong.

How can anyone think humanity is gonna get any better by wearing these god-awful fucking goggles while sitting on their couch, which is effectively what they've shown in their video presentation and interacting with other people.

If someone comes up to me with those goggles, I'm just gonna say you look like a cunt, you just are.

Now saying that I can see where the application could lay, law enforcement, ambulance, firefighters, I get it. So I'm guessing the pro designation is for that kind of thing, but everyone seems to be stating, "This will be great to be wearing it at a party, sitting in your house" and I think that's wrong.

I think that part of it is, for me, just god-awful fucking sad. Again go outside, but to be sitting on your couch with fucking goggles is just fucking ridiculous, and yeah, I feel sad for humanity.

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