Fixing your complicated and messy email

We all use email, we all need email and want to have our email setup correctly. Right? Well, after working with thousands of clients, email is the one thing that never seems to be set up correctly with pretty much all of them!


so hello it's Tuesday and today's topic

is about email so in this video I'm

going to go through my thoughts about

email now email is a huge thing for

everybody whether you're a home user or

a professional or or in a business email

is a major part in your workflow

we all have email we all use email we

use it for entertainment we use it for

client communication we use it for

general communication we use it for

personal communication as well as

business communication we use it for you

know new clients and so on so forth we

use it for absolutely everything the

problem lies is that no one's really

using it correctly how its set up and so

on and I'm going to go through what I

mean whenever I work with a client

a new client or an old client the first

thing I do is check their email because

the email is an indication to me of how

good the rest of the workflow and their

system is if I see an email app system

whatever system they're using but if

they see their email mailboxes and they

have a ton of mailboxes or there's a

bunch of spam loads of unread no I mean

just to complete and utter mess I know

that the rest of the system is a

complete mess it's just talking from

experience I've done this for such a

long time and I've seen email mailboxes

I've seen computers and Macs and their

workflows and usually they're an if it's

called if it's a complete mess

usually their email is a complete mess

so I work backwards look at their email

oh my god it's a mess the rest is a

complete mess so then we work and try to

fix everything starting with their email

now the thing is as I said everyone uses

email everyone needs email emails the


form of communication with anybody

inside or outside of your organization

inside your organization depending on

what you're doing emails are not the

best thing but there are certain reasons

why you would need to use it anyway

so email is incredibly important so you

need to get it right and you need to

make sure your email is being delivered

making sure that your email is being

delivered out and in so coming in and

not going into your spam box or even

going out and sending an email to

somebody and then they're saying I don't

receive the email and then suddenly

realize that their service or their

email app has put it in the spam box

that they haven't seen it so there's

little things like that how many times

have you tried to send an email out with

your computer or even with your phone

when you're not at home and then it's

not sending out and then what you do

sneakily a lot of people do this and I

used to do this a long time ago is set

up a gmail account just so you could

send out an email how many of you guys

has done that and I'm sure you have at

some point if someone set it up for you

my emails not going out all I've got to

set up something else so email is

insanely important and we need to make

sure that it's set up correctly and done

and set so you don't have to play with

it now the reason why I'm coming up with

this video today is because earlier

today I was actually speaking to a good

friend of mine it was a client and our

really good friend of mine and he's

having issues with the emails now he

keeps going he's a tinkerer like me i

tinker with my technology and so does he

there he I explained to him the G suite

and everything and make sure your emails

in G sweet because it just works so he

set it up but he didn't finish setting

up he was like halfway and he's getting

constant problems don't like dude just

finished the system and think you know

if it doesn't work for you after you

finish the system then you can always go

back you can always go back but don't go


way and goal I've done a half of it and

then not do the rest there's the whole

arc to this email stuff you need to make

sure you complete the arc and if you

don't complete the arc

you're still a mess so making sure your

email is being delivered both ways

making sure that your mailboxes are

organized making sure you've set up

filters in your email in fact later on

this week I'm gonna make a video about

filters so keep an eye on that so making

sure that your filters are CERP in your

email no matter what system you're using

so when an email comes in you know what

it is by it putting it to a into a

filter and then going into a folder or a

label or a tag very important so getting

it set up is something that everyone

should be doing it's it is very easy to

do the hardest part is to switch your

mind saying okay let me do this you get

this fixed and get it fixed once and for


that's the only difficult part the hard

part is giving it to someone to actually

do it or doing it yourself so you need

to make sure that your email is set up

correctly anyway that's the video today

I kind of dribbled on a little bit

talking about email all this week I'm

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again email is insanely important for

promotion I guess and giving content to

you guys anyway

have a great day I'll see you tomorrow

and make sure keep it simple jogo bite

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