Fewer complications lead to more time

It's mathematics, pure and simple. If we complicate things, we end up having to deal with so much crap that we end up wasting time.

You must have, at some point thought: ‘Why is my time wasted by meaningless chores and annoyances?’ So why not step back, re-group your thoughts and make an action plan on how to fix the issue?


do you feel that things are way more

complicated than they need to be things

are just so complicated that you just

get annoyed at every turn my name is Kay

at my tech monist and I help people

organize their technology so they can

free up their time so this morning I had

a client come in and she had some issues

with her email now a short story she had

a but she was in the States she had a

problem with her computer she went to

the geniuses in the Apple Store and they

said well we just need to format the

drive which was a bit weird but anyway

so they formatted it because she had a

Time Machine backup

she put the Time Machine backup back and

her email wasn't working story of my

life I hear this all the time she

couldn't understand why they couldn't

help her they said contact her domain

host where her email is hosted she

contacted them they reset a few things

and it still didn't work she contacted

me within five minutes

I fixed it literally for 10 minutes it

was actually to do with the wrong

password now the thing is why am I

talking about this about regarding

complications with this episode well

people look at the most complicated

issue than the most simple it was a

simple fixed password issue but they're

wiping hard drives they're resetting

things at the main house they're doing

all of this stuff just doesn't didn't

have to happen so my point is to have

less complications with tech melanism

get rid of all the things that you don't

need whether it's in your life whether

it's on your phone whether it's on your

computer whether it's your clothes

whatever it is and I'm not talking about

minimalism and talking about

complications in your life in general

and that equates to you working and

creating more time for yourself the less

[ __ ] that you have to deal with

the more time you have for yourself it's

it's simple it's it's mathematics I


Einstein wouldn't be happy but it is

basically mathematics do less of this

you have more of that stop complications

free up your time and it's it still

amazes me how people work on their

computers on their max how that what

their workflow is like because I mean

email is a big thing for me if you have

more than one or two folders in your

email you're doing it wrong you're just

simply wasting your time and you're

doing it wrong

the the only folder I have is inbox

which is an inbox not even a folder and

archive which is actually again not not

really a folded it's an archive but I'll

just say two folders you read it you get

rid of it

this person lost a bunch of sent items

for some reason they weren't going to

her IMAP server so she lost about 3,000

emails just in her sent items a lot of

stuff that's important to her so we have

to try to get it back from the back up

anyway that's it for this episode I just

wanted to make a quick video today this

Friday I hope you guys having a good day

hope you have a fantastic weekend as

always I will be sending out an email on

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I'm making it too complicated are going

to try to simplify this I'm gonna try to

simplify this anyway have a great

weekend I'll see you on Monday and as


it's simple see you then Joe

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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