Failure is not something you should worry about

You don’t start a task or project because you’re scared of failure not because of the outcome.

We too often put things off for another day or procrastinate way too much, again, not because we’re scared of the outcome, but the failure we think it will be by our peers.

Stop thinking failure is a bad thing because often the fact that we fail makes you a stronger person and you learn from those ‘mistakes’.


so do you ever fail it starting

something do you get annoyed like I

shouldn't start this hi my name is Kay

I'm a tech minimalist and I help people

organize their technology so they can

free up their time so in today's episode

I want to go through starting something

whether it's something personal whether

it's something on your computer just

anything that you want to start a task

going on a holiday and a booking that

holiday etc work the the issue we have

is not not necessarily the task but the

failure of the task and that's the

reason why we don't jump in and actually

do it so the failure of the task meaning

is it good are people gonna like it I'm

not sure if I'm if I know what I'm

talking about

any kind of failure is the is actually

the reason why we don't start that task

that thing so I came across an issue

personally where I kept putting things

off all the time and I couldn't I'm not

going to go through the details of what

is and I couldn't figure out why I

weren't doing it I wasn't putting it off

it was more cases I just didn't want to

start it and then I suddenly realized

that I just kicked myself in the ass and

actually did it again with my bungee

jumper I talked about in a previous

video once I made that jump once I made

that commitment I felt and I and I saw

everything falling into place for

instance yesterday I started making a

video course now I put that off for a

long long long time but as soon as I sat

down actually rice I started writing

stuff down

that was my jump over the edge I

realized that I knew more than I thought

and you make sure yeah one thing

but I realized that I could it would

kind of snowballed into place and I was

able to put all the pieces together and

now I'm pretty much halfway there which

is a good thing actually so the the

point is once you start you realize you

should have done this a long long time

ago so the whole point of this episode

is don't wait find the thing that you

actually want to do you have it in your

mind already you know how to do it it's

actually in your mind you're just not

writing it down or you're not taking the

action to actually get it done get it

done start writing it doesn't matter how

badly is I am absolutely useless at

writing never was good at it at school

never has been never been good at it at

work at I hate writing blocks and stuff

and so I like making videos and it it

actually makes more sense for me so

these videos have done so much more for

me personally than any of my writing in

my 50 odd years that I'm on this planet

anyway that's the video today hope you

benefit from it if you have any comments

please put down put them down below I

have released some Mac tips I'm gonna be

updating them in to with with more

information so just go to make

make sure you calm and yeah get the Mac

tips and hopefully I'll see you in the

next episode have a great day and as

always keep it simple ciao bye bye

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