Moving away from something you know can be challenging. But without trying something new, we fester and get annoyed with everything around us. So why not change your surroundings or the way you work?


Comfort zones are a great thing. They are warm. They're cuddly. They're something that we don't want to kind of divert from too far, basically. So comfort zones are pretty good.

But there are negatives to comfort zones as well. And the negatives are basically don't evolve.

And this is what I found with quite a few of my clients that I've spoken about this before, they're kind of stuck in that ways, the way they working.

But if you make that switch into... okay, I've just had enough. Let me get my email fixed. Let me stop having 17 email addresses. Yes, that has been a client of mine. I'm fed up with all my files all over the place.

If you don't evolve the way you work evolve what you're doing, you're not necessarily leaving your comfort zone. What you're doing is you're dipping your toe into. I guess the unknown, but you've got to try the process and trust to make sure make sure that your process would work with the new system.

So if you don't evolve, if you don't evolve the way you work, you're basically gonna keep doing what you're doing and getting frustrated day after day after day.

And this is from experience. This is from people... experience with the people that I've worked with, with the clients that I've worked with. Once they've made that switch and gone over to getting more organized and getting more simplified. They've kind of, I mean, we, we all do it...

I wish I did this sooner. I wish I did that sooner. I wish I knew about this earlier.

Well, the thing is it's the, the switch that you have to make, you have to evolve the way you work and not just get stuck in your comfort zones.

We all know comfort zones are good to a certain degree, but comfort zones are also, pretty bad as well.

And I gotta be honest. My comfort zone was my old company because I was constantly getting clients and work and it was great, but it... I had to evolve for, for one reason or another. I just had to.

So moving over to this personal brand, I'm able to do so much more and help people in such different ways that I didn't think was possible, and it's working.

So once I made that switch made that hard pivot. It's actually helping me out way more than I expected. Anyway, hopefully that helps you out. Basically just evolve, evolve the way you work.

Have a great day and I'll see you in the next one.

Ciao. Bye bye.

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