Email is not the problem

After reading a post in a group I’m involved with, it got me thinking about Email and the services out there trying to help you organise. I find this is the wrong way to look at it. It’s not Email that’s the problem, it’s you and your organisation of it.


it's not the gun that kills you it's the

person behind the gun that kills you now

don't get me wrong I'm not into guns and

I don't think anyone should have them

we're just using it as a thought

experiment basically now the reason why

I'm saying this is because recently

there was a posting in my consulting

group that I'm member of where someone

sent out an email about an automation

tool for email I don't like talking

about products that I don't actually use

so I'm not going to name it but this

system is supposed to help you organize

your email now email itself isn't the

problem the gun itself isn't the problem

is the person behind the gun it's the

person using the email that's causing

the issue if you're getting a bunch of

newsletters and subscribers

pure and simple if you're dealing if

you're using an email sorry as a task

list manager get a task list manager if

you're using it to hold to all your

projects win folders get yourself a

project manager communicate the email is

there for communication and

communication only and it shouldn't be

used for anything else other than that

now if you are using it for something


other than that you're doing it wrong if

you if you then think oh I need to

automate a lot of this stuff again

you're doing it wrong you've got to

organize your system and once you have a

framework in an organization with all of

your systems then you don't need that

much automation now automation is

fantastic I use it for specific things

in the early days I automated absolutely

everything then I found out I don't know

where anything was sorry I use

automation sparingly but I don't use

automation for my email there's no point

I have zero inbox every day

I have zero tasks at the end of the day

maybe a couple falls through and I can

push them back

I put stuff in my calendar so making

sure you have a right framework and the

right system in place will enable you to

not have I call stupid automations

automations are generally good but

stupid automations that you don't need

you're paying for another service that

you just don't need so there's no point

Basecamp is coming out with a new email

service called hey hey calm go and check

it out I know we'll be using it because

I want to see what's going on

however they tweeted something recently

about how they want to change email now

they didn't use these specific words and

how they want to fundamentally change

how people use email again email has

been there from the beginning of the

internet back in the late 70s and it's

plain text and there's nothing wrong

with it if you're trying to use it for

something else

other than email then it doesn't need to

change you need to change

there's no reason changing email because

there's nothing wrong with it just

change your system and I can help you

with that I've got a bunch of vemma a

bunch of episodes about this also my

podcast anyway it's not the tool you use

that's causing the problem it's you

causing the problem anyway I'll leave it

there have a great day I'll see you

tomorrow tomorrow is no to work today is

Tuesday tomorrow is Wednesday

see you tomorrow as always keep it

simple specifically your email I'll see

you tomorrow ciao bye

Let's stay in touch

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