Don’t fall into the trap!

Do you have 'Shiny object syndrome'? I for sure know I have! We all fall into the trap of buying new things, finding 'better' software, and getting new stuff we don't need. Sometimes we need to step back and look at our lives to understand where we're going wrong and take steps to fix it.


hi there happy Friday I think yeah it's

Friday welcome to my library it's not

actually my library it's my living room

but I love this chair I call it my

librarian window is there and I can look

out the window it's great it's anyway

happy Friday today I want to talk about

possessions and things that we often

don't need but we just keep buying all

the time someone coined the phrase shiny

object syndrome so something new I go

and get it because I want something yeah

new in my life because I think that's

going to make my life easier it's going

to make me happier we've all fallen for


I too have fallen for that even though

I'm a tech minimalist and I like to

think to keep things simple and so on

I've recently fall into that trap of

actually software I've got so much

software I've bought so many services

I've bought so many little things that I

just simply don't need so my task for

the next few days and I'm gonna you know

kind of hopefully at your task as well

but he's coming few days especially it's

the new year so the new year I'm gonna

cut back on so many of the tools that I

have and you know using Basecamp using

todoist using notion using so many of

these other tools I just realized I

don't need them how many times do I look

into them the video yesterday I was

talking about having the least amount of

[ __ ] boxes so you know email is an inbox

your to-do list project management tool

is an inbox your calendar is an inbox

you don't need any more than that so

find the tool that suits you and the

work that you do or in your personal

life and stick to it unlike me who've

constantly keep changing it chopping and

changing and I've said this before

thousands of times I do it because it's

my job but I need to find these two

find out about these tools however I

also have a tendency to start using them

to start inputting data into them for my

work but then I found I've got way too

many tools now I still have to keep

these tools because obviously I train

and train people with them and stuff and

demo etc but I need to curtail my tools

and it's insane so you know the new year

is coming and I think we need to take

stock in what we have and what we truly

need I don't think we need half the

stuff three-quarters of the stuff that

we need in fact today I've been actually

tidying up and cleaning my house it just

came out the shower and through doing

that I found so much crap in my house

that I just simply don't need so I'm

gonna go through my digital life as well

as my home digital my home life personal

life to basically just get rid of stuff

I started off with my hair as you know

that's a lie I did that I been like this

for a long time but having my hair like

this is actually quite nice because I

don't have to deal with it so again it's

all about simplifying everything and

minimizing everything not being a

minimalist as I said yesterday

minimalism I still find it bit weird but

simplifying your life simplifying your

things around your house like why have

pieces of furniture that you keep

falling over where you just get rid of

it because you probably just don't need

it anyway that's the video today have a

great day

I'll see you have a great weekend

actually and I'll see you on Monday and

remember keep it simple

ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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