Don’t be in the wrong room

I don’t consider myself to be a fanboy in any shape or form, but when I learn something from someone I respect and love the work they do, it might come just across that way ;-)

In this episode, I talk about a conversation I had with a colleague I met a year or so ago, where we had a ‘fleshing’ out of an idea I’m working on, and he put it into such a great perspective that it’s helped me understand where my business should be going.

The point of this story is to make sure that you learn something new every single day, to expand your knowledge and understanding of what you’re doing right or wrong to help point you in the right direction.

If you need Apple Support and you’re in the US, give Foojee a call and tell them I sent you ;-)

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if you're the smartest person in the

room you're probably in the wrong room

and you've probably heard that quote a

million times now this actually stems

from a conversation I had yesterday with

someone I know trust and respect and I

found him through searching on the

internet and we've basically become

online buddies effectively we're

effectively colleagues and I had a

conversation with him yesterday about

certain product that I'm working on and

in that conversation he gave me some

invaluable advice that just I just

didn't think about now you know I've

been doing I've been running my business

for a long long time and I've been in

business for a long time and I worked on

my own for a long time but yet I'm still

learning new things and that's a great

thing I'd love the fact that I can talk

to people on the internet obviously now

virtually talk to a lot more people and

learn something so I'm looking at wolf

and learn something that I just wouldn't

have even thought about expanding my

knowledge expanding my understanding how

things work in this case in business and

product design and product understanding

and making sure everything fits into

place so as you know I'm doing a free

tech minimalism course I'll put a link

down below in the notes and so on and

the reason why I'm doing that before

this call was basically to yeah share my

knowledge and make sure you guys know

how tech mentalism works in and so on

but I think now it's kind of changing

into paying it forward making sure that

people don't just sit idly by and just

do the same things over and over it

make people understand that learning new

things can expand your understanding of

everything around you not just about

your working and tech minimalism and so

on for basically learning in general can

expand a lot of things for you because

it did for me yesterday and he's

probably thinking I'm spamming him with

all of these kind of messages but Lucas

you've helped me understand something

that I never thought about if you're in

the US and you need Apple support his

company's called Fuji I put it up here

fantastic name

better than McJunkin mech junkie is a

great name the food if you're in

the US and you need any Apple support he

does an amazing job I've seen some of

his work he's starving his YouTube

channel again where I think that did I

find him through his YouTube channel I

don't know but he's got a lot of great

information actually two videos that

changed the way I work he made so go and

check him out

anyway what I would suggest what I would

ask you to consider is think about

learning something new I have this thing

about learning something new every

single day and I do but this one thing

just kind of I think is going to help my

business succeed a lot more than I

thought it would anyway that's the video

today have a great day

as always keep it simple remember to

wash your hands at the moment it's with

I can't believe we're still here

stay safe and I will see you tomorrow

have a great day bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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