Does your business run on a solid foundation?

No matter the size of your business, if you don’t have a solid foundation for your IT, then you’re asking for trouble.

It’s quite simple to fix your ‘foundation’, but I often find managers at businesses who say things like: “I have a designer that knows a little IT, and he said…’ Yeah, I also know a gardener who can cut my hair, but do you think I’d let him do it?!?

The foundation of any part of your business is as important as the next. If you don’t give it enough attention, or worse still, get an unqualified person to provide you with advice, then there is no foundation on which to build your business.


there's an analogy that I use usually

when I speak to my clients it's all to

do with foundation now when a

construction worker is basically

building a building building an office a

house or whatever the most important

thing other than the way it looks

because I'm into things looking nice is

actually the foundation they're in for

they're really interested in making sure

that the foundation is set up well

designed well so when you build when

they builds the building it's a rock

solid foundation that's why that you

that word has been used all over the

place with it for the same reason the

same effect so when they build this

foundation put the building on top of it

it won't go anywhere it's there's a

solid foundation and everything around

it will work now if you think about

things in your business in any business

no matter whether you're working on your

own or there's thousands if not hundreds

of thousands of people in the business

there are always departments so if

you're working on your own you

definitely have departments you have a

sales department you have a marketing

department you have the finance

department you have the technical

department you have support Department I

mean whatever you're doing you

definitely have these different

departments I generally call it you're

wearing different hats with different

roles in your business now the one

obviously I'm in the technical

department so I'm just going to focus

and talk about that that department the

technical department also needs to have

a solid foundation just like all the

other departments in your business so

it's like a city the city has different

areas and buildings and they all

actually have to do their part hospitals

and so on

I'm going divert into longer story so

the so your business basically needs to

the foundation your different parts of

the business now the technical part of

your business the IT department or your


should also have a solid foundation that

the business is built on just like the

others and I've always said and I posted

this on LinkedIn and Twitter and stuff

on social media recently about there are

only two tools that you need when as a

solid foundation when you're running a

business that's generally G sweet and

Basecamp now they're the two tools that

I can sew on and I use in etc so it's

obviously that I would say those things

but those two are actually pretty much

the best apps especially if you're

working on your own or you're in a small

team because they just work and you

don't have to think about it and worry

about it

if you are working in US in a particular

sector that needs specialist tools

that's obviously something else that you

need to look at but the solid foundation

that any business needs is emails


communication so on and so forth and

those two apps and obviously

communicating with your clients depend

appending on what you do I'm into

coaching and stuff so those two apps are

the solid foundation that your business

should have any business that you should

have those things that I talked about

and obviously is Basecamp and G suite do

those things and that's the reason why I

said because some people say there's

this other than app and there's this

other app of course there are it depends

on what you're doing but they're the two

that I would recommend when any when I

work with people because I see what they

do and that's all they need

they don't obviously always need

Basecamp but they definitely need to fix

their emails I mean I've said this

before but whenever I work with a client

if I see their email depending on the

the level of organization or

disorganization I know how the rest of

the tech stack is so so email is very

important in any business obviously for

getting leads in any way have a look at

your tech stack see if you have a solid

foundation and if you don't if you need

any help by all means give me a call

put a comment below

and if you can go to my website tech

minimalism comm for selection contact

and contact me there but go through your

text and figure out whether your

foundation is solid enough to build on

that it's not going to topple over doing

a lot of hand signals right now if you

need to help get in touch with me and

I'll see if I can help you out anyway as

always keep it simple right now I gotta

say it again

wash your hands stay safe stay safe and

I'll see you tomorrow ciao but I didn't

work to you or did it now

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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