Does the way you work with your clients suck!?

In this video, I go through a few ideas of what the best way could work for you when you work with your clients. Leave a comment below about how you work with your clients, I’d love to know. I’m fascinated with other people’s workflows and tools.


the way you work with your client

probably suck and that's probably why

you're watching this video now I work

with a lot of clients who work with

their clients and the system that they

have in place with working with their

clients it's so convoluted it kind of

boggles my mind and makes no sense they

either have a really convoluted system

or they just don't have one at all and

they create folders and I did a video

about this a while back folders in their

email as to what projects they use and

what clients now email shouldn't be used

for filing in that sense or working with

your it shouldn't be a project

management tool so the idea of using the

right system and the right tool for the

you know what you need to do is very

important especially if you're a coach

facilitator or a trainer you need to

make sure that your data is safe secure

and the fact that you can communicate

with your your students your coaching

students as it were your clients so

making sure that you have the right app

is insanely important for again security

and ease of use you don't want you know

tons of software because their

notifications going off all over the

place like your phone and your computer

and so on you basically need a simple

workflow and the way to make it easy for

your clients to work with you now there

are only a couple of tools that I use

ones G suite which is actually a whole

suite of apps there's Basecamp

there's to-do lists and so on and so

forth but the the apps that you need to

use is to make your life easier I see so

many people using so many different

types of apps that they get annoyed and

they get frustrated so most of the time

is that them getting frustrated with

doing their work rather than actually

doing the work themselves now I have a

running joke about me working three

hours a day now that isn't that it is

truth in the FASTA see to that when I'm

working with my clients I actually only

need to do three hours of work because

that's the amount of hours I need to do

I need to focus on my client work I

don't want to work any more than that I

probably work two hours within for my

business like doing things for my

business so that's five hours a day now

if you want to work five hours a day you

really need to put the work in to figure

out the tools that you need to do that

you need to use and I find a lot of

people don't do that they'll get a

computer they'll just use the tools and

they get to such a state where their

emails are mess they don't they've got

post-it notes everywhere

nothing's electronic it's not synched

with their phone so I basically go in

and help them out but the point is to

make sure that you use the least amount

of tools and you have the least amount

of distractions like notifications and

the easiest way that you can facilitate

your clients as a coach to be able to

work nicely and simply anyway that's the

video for today hope that helped if you

need to contact me if you need any

information there'll be some information

down below you can get me at McKee

junkie comm and yeah book a call let's

have a chat and see if we can help you

out okay

see you later bye

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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