Do you use a password manager?

The number of times I have a client who gets annoyed they have a virus, been hacked or have malware infecting their Macs is getting beyond stupid. However, when you ask them if they have a password manager to keep their digital life safe, they all pretty much have the same answer… No!


it's strange to think that no one gives

two shits about their passwords or

having a good secure password but

they're all up in arms if they get some

sort of a virus or they think that they

have malware on their computer now I get

this so so often I'm actually sick to

death of it people call me an email me

I've got a virus and they so up in arms

and how did this happen how did that

happen and I'm not going to go into that

but when you ask them what's your

password they'll literally say my dog's

name 1 2 3 or my name or I don't have a


and why the hell don't you have a good

password but you're really scared of

being hacked and you know you've got

viruses and so on ask yourself this I'm

getting to a stage where I'm so fed up

with people caring about the wrong

things you're not going to get a virus

on a Mac this is it's completely

different on a PC you're not going to

get my virus or malware unless you're

not but you don't know what you're doing

and you're not actually paying attention

or if you have a strong password on a on

a Mac now I'm not going to go into the

technicalities of this but yes Mac's can

get viruses it's stupid stupid to think

that max don't get viruses however

there's no way in hell that they're

going to get a virus unless you put your

password in to something now if your

computers are asking for your password

or the malware is automatic in just

testing out password 1 2 3 as your

password then who's at fault your Mac

Apple some you won't believe the amount

of people that blame Apple because

they're getting a viruses or you being

stupid enough not to put a proper

password on your computer now something

came came up on my newsfeed on my

LinkedIn newsfeed and apparently it was

caught by

someone in the media where there was a

TV show with our cops and stuff they

were showing how they work and behind

this guy this cop who was actually

talking they had the Wi-Fi password and

written down now if that isn't a

security lapse I don't know what is

what's the real [ __ ] security lapse

is that what the password actually was

police 1 1 2 was the password how stupid

can you be to have a stupid password

like that don't blame everyone but

yourself if you get hacked don't blame

anyone but yourself if you got a stupid

password it's really simple to do create

a different password for everything now

then people say to me well you have to

keep track of of course you do you have

a pin code for your for your bank card

right how do you keep track of that you

probably have several bank cards several

credit cards and you have pin codes for

each one of them how do you keep track

of that you write them down somehow

hopefully securely if you're not stupid


I mean I'm calling Mike Mike you know

people who watch this stupid and I don't

mean that in a really really horrible


I mean stupidity in the sense that you

got to think more you got to understand

what security is the fact that there are

politicians who want to take your

security away because it they want it

it's stupid to think that you don't need

encryption it's stupid to think that you

don't need a strong password keep your

passwords safe use a password manager

that's what they're there for

they secure some are even free the Mac

has one built in for free keep a

different part have a different password

for each individual service you have

online then you won't get hacked and

even if one gets hacked you're not

reusing a password for other services so

then your whole entire online entity

becomes hacked

I'm getting fed up with doing these kind

of videos where I have to explain the

basics of security and how to use your

computer and how to use your Mac now if

you don't know you don't know no I mean

I've always said no question is a stupid

question however if you asked me the

same question three times enough said

but if you're not keeping track of your

passwords properly and you get hacked

don't blame everyone around you start

looking in the mirror and blame yourself

it's just the way it is so if you use

the password manager let me know if you

don't then send me a slip on just I

don't know

anyway it's quick video it's Friday I

don't think we want to be here we want

to go out and enjoy ourselves a quick

video just to tell you please use a

password manager don't get hacked you

wouldn't believe the amount of clients

well first that they think they've been

hacked but ones that actually have been

hacked and hijacked and everything gone

be careful use a different password use

a password manager to keep track of it

you've got no one else to blame but

yourself if you have a silly password

anyway enjoy your weekend I see you on

Monday as always keep it simple bye

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