Do you keep leaving things to the last minute?

Are you someone who tends to leave things to the last minute? Yeah, I know the feeling, it's not great right? So why do this with your Mac (or tech in general)? We need our tech and IT to work 100% of the time.

You may not believe it, but I would say 95% of the time, the work I do for my clients is always an urgent one, why? Because our Macs/tech/IT is what we need to do our work. If it's not in good order, we can't work. Think of a car engine without oil.


has anyone ever told you not to leave

things to the last minute it could be

anything right but it's your paperwork

or taking the trash out or actually

anything in your life well I make that

mistake kind of often with my paperwork

I've had to do my taxes kind of again

and it's been a real pain in the butt

not because I have the system in place I

actually do I use app called money bird

and if you haven't seen it check it out

it's great for invoices and bookkeeping

and stuff but anyway but there are some

parts of it that got messed up somehow

and I had to redo it but I left it to

the last minute and why am I telling you

about this I keep looking over here

because I see my paperwork is still here

is because people leave things to the

last minute certain things that they

shouldn't leave to the last minute and I

get so many clients contact me about you

know I'm working with my computer I've

worked with it for like a few years and

now it's just not working and my

workflow isn't working and everything is

a mess I don't know where my files are I

don't know where anything is I need some


now someone recently recently a few

months ago actually called me the Murray

condo or the tech world and I think

maybe I've said this before where and I

didn't know who she was actually so she

goes in and sorts out your closets and

stuff so effectively that's basically

what I've become and I hate being the

something of the something or someone so

but that's what someone mentioned to me

so the idea of leaving your computer to

the last minute yeah then you need

someone to come in and help you organize

it because you obviously haven't done it


however bad that sounds it's kind of

true I get emails all the time about you

know I've seen your videos it's great or

I haven't seen your videos but I saw

your website and I need this I mean yeah

I need your help so the point is you

don't need my help

if you don't leave things to the last

minute so if you're starting a business

and you've picked up a computer and you

start working figure out your workflow

figure out from the time you try to

acquire that client to the time you send

the invoice and do the work you know

actually the end before I used to be

send the invoice at the end of the

project but now you get the you should

be getting paid before the start of

project start that's how I work and then

at the end being the the end date so you

should have that mark and once you know

that mark then creating a workflow for

that should be easy so don't leave that

part of it till the last moment because

you will get into trouble like I have

with my blasting tax so anyway don't

leave things to the last minute because

it's just simply not worth it as I've

found out the hard way anyway that's the

video today have a great day if you have

any questions about money burning

effects let me know below if you need

any help because you have left it to the

last minute send me a message through my

website Mack junkie comm have a great

day and I'll see you again tomorrow ok

ciao bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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