Do you have backup tools?

Backing up is vital to make sure you don’t lose any data but have you thought about a backup of the tools you use in your business?

I was caught out yesterday with being locked out of my Zoom account, so I wasn’t able to do any Remote Work with it.

However, I do have a backup service I can use, so it’s always good to think about having a backup of your Tool Stack too.


I often talk about having a data backed

up in more than one place so in case

anything happens you actually have a

backup for your data and you're not

losing out and losing all your work and

stuff but we don't actually talk about

having a backup of your tools the

actually of the actual applications or

the way you work

now obviously yesterday I made an

episode about my zoom not working but

today I've had several calls that I've

had to use zoom obviously because it

wasn't working I had to look into my

tool box as it were to find another tool

to be able to carry on working so do you

have the same thing that sorry it

doesn't matter what part of it what tool

it is but you know the things that you

need to use like videoconferencing your

phone for instance if your phone breaks

do you actually have a second one so you

can carry on working some people

actually have second computers like

their old computer so they can carry on

working secondary email address it's not

often that people talk about this but I

have secondary tools I do have another

computer I do have another phone I do

have another email address I do have

another remote software another video

conferencing so I have all of these

other tools because of the situation I'm

in I need to be able to connect with my

clients and help them as much as I can

if one of the tools isn't working so go

through your workflow figure out or your

tall stack I should say figure out which

tool you can double up on because I you

shouldn't double up on your tools I

talked about this quite a lot but

there's a difference between having a

backup tool then a doubling up tool that

makes any kind of sense so go through

your tool stack and see if you can or if

you have a backup of something of you

know whatever it is this should come out

better but you know what I'm talking

yeah go through till second check it out

if you have any questions please leave

them down below this is actually my last

episode that I will be posting on

YouTube I've kind of come to the

decision I really don't want to use

YouTube anymore for my for my post so if

you are listening to this podcast

fantastic carry on listening if you're

watching this on YouTube all my videos

from here on in will actually be on my

website just go to make junkie comm and

you'll see them all there anyway have a

great weekend be safe out there keep it

simple but try to have a backup of your

tools see you then

bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, or follow via RSS or email.


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