Do workshops work?

Simple answer: YES!

Today, I did some research on how others did their workshops online, and I was amazed! It's so simple, so 'virtual' and I learned a BUNCH of stuff on topics I was interested in. I'm planning to do a virtual workshop, so I'd love to know If you'd be interested in a Tech Minimalism Workshop.


so yesterday I did a video about

impostor syndrome now it kind of crept

in to me for a couple of days nothing

major and I don't think I actually have

it but I started thinking about doing

workshops again and because I was doing

workshops called tech minimalism

workshops or Mac product sorry start

again Mac productivity workshops and I

want to do tech minimalism workshops

basically they're the same thing but

I've just renamed it effectively how to

work better with your original was how

to better work better with your Mac but

actually it is tech minimalism and the

imposter syndrome kind of kicked in

because like although I did the

workshops before being in this

quarantine states we're in right now

everyone's doing workshops so I'm like

you know what am i doing the right thing

or was i doing the right thing could I

carry on doing them so I signed up for a

bunch of workshops some were quite long

some were medium some were quite short

actually I did three one of each and I

was amazed as to two things

twofold I was amazed as to how much I

knew sounds like a big hit but it's

unbelievable when I talk to people and

I've been talking talking to a few

people recently via zoom by having just

an open chat zoom thing you might seen

on LinkedIn a lot of people have

impostor syndrome I was kind of amazed

by it so I'm renewing my computer so

it's it's not an unnatural thing to

think to yourself I really don't know

this but then when you're talking to


man I know a lot a lot of people have

this so anyway going back to the

workshops so I was amazed about with

these workshops and what they were

talking about and then I thought to

myself myself you know because of the

situation we're all in we could do with


new stuff now some workshops that I two

of the workshops were free but one of

them was paid and I just wanted to

figure out what was going on

so I'm actually planning on doing some

tech minimalism workshops to help you go

through your Mac and your tech stack and

I would love to know if you're

interested in it so this isn't a sales

thing yet because I will do my sales

pitch in another video obviously but

it's just more a survey as to whether

you'd be interested in doing a quick

hour or 90 minute workshop to be able to

help you with your tech stack I guess I

said the the three that I was involved

with actually very good really

interesting I learned stuff that I

thought I knew and I didn't know I

picked up some Tippett's which I will be

putting into practice actually so it

might well help you put a comment down

below if you are interested in it I'll

keep your names in better still go and

subscribe to my newsletter because every

Sunday or whenever I have any special

offers I will basically send an email

out to my news letter which is Mac

junkie com4 / subscribe if you want to

contact me and you have any requests as

to what you'd like to learn at the tech

minimalism workshop put them down below

or better still go to my contact page

make junkie Kampf Oscillation contact

anyway that's the video today sorry I

don't have enough for you because I was

so busy and obviously it's late so just

thought I'd bring this to you because

yeah the workshops we're actually really

really interesting anyway have a great

day I'll see you tomorrow with a better

video what's your hands keep it simple

and I'll see you then ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

If you have any thoughts, requests or feedback shoot me an email. You can also learn more about me, what I'm up to and how I can help you here.


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