Do what you want

Wouldn't it be great to be able to do what you wanted all year round and not just in the holiday season(s)? This is the only time of year that I'm extra, extra EXTRA chilled! Not because I treat this period as a holiday, but because others do.


so hey it's Christmas no it's Boxing Day

how's it going today's topic is about

doing what you want now this time of

year is great because everyone takes

their time off and they basically do

what they like to do however for me

again this is a personal video every day

is kind of like a Christmas day to me

and let me explain what I mean so for as

long as I remember I've basically been

able to do

luckily touchwood what I'd like to do

now I have had jobs I've worked in a

bank I've been an estate agent I've been

a receptionist I've done so many

different types of jobs that I

understand you know what work what work

should be but I wasn't cut out for it

I'm not lazy

I just wasn't cut out for being dictated

to being told what to do but not only

that I'd like to just wake up in my day

and go you know what what should i do

today you know what I'm gonna play xbox

all day today other than take out take

wolf out for a walk and we go for long

walks and eat obviously and do a few

bits and pieces but I wanted to wake up

today actually today being boxing day

I've been playing xbox the only three

that I've stopped is actually to come

and make this video so for me this time

of year is actually the same as any

other time of year so I don't feel like

it's a holiday the only reason I feel

like it's a holiday

because I'm not getting as many emails

I'm not getting as many phone calls I'm

not doing as much work because my

clients are having their holidays but

for me it's extra time it's extra extra

time so I actually like not setting

daily goals I do set long-term goals and

I do structure my day in the Sun

but it set up in such a way where I

think well you know I don't want to I

want to go for a walk all day today

wanna be out outside going cycling with

my dog and stuff so I and I love that so

how does it how would this affect you

how could you do this well it's quite

simple go through your working

environment your technology I mean the

thing that's enabled me to do this is

the technology I only have three inboxes

so if you have a bunch of inboxes when

you're going through your technology

you've got to figure out what you can

get rid of what you can minimize what

you can simplify I have three main

inboxes which is my email

obviously for communication I'm not

talking about telephones or anything

like that but my email my project

management tool and my calendar they're

the only inboxes I have so the least

amount of inboxes you have the less you

are dictated to first by other people

and second by the technology again

technology's there to help you not to

annoy you or hinder you I use my

technology as kind of like a digital

assistant where I put something in there

for it to remind me what to do so if I

need to do something I put it in my

project management told my to-do to-do

list system whatever system that you

want to use and then at that time it

will tell me okay you need to do this

during as I said I did it I did a time

blocking I don't like time blocking but

I did a video about how I structure my

day so I set up my assistant and my

other things that I need to do in those

specific blocks of the day so I'll put a

link down below to for you to go and

check out that video so the idea is to

make the technology work for you so you

have the free time to do anything you


in fact after this video I'm going to be

doing a bit of tidying

around the office in the house and I'm

gonna go back and play xbox

not because it's Boxing Day but because

this is just another day for me it

sounds like I'm lazy right it's not it

doesn't mean I'm lazy

I'd like to simplify and I like to find

the simplest way in the least

complicated way to get on with my life

to get on with my work to make my

clients happy anyway have a great boxing

day I hope this was beneficial to you if

you have any questions please please do

leave them below or contact me by my

website make

I'd be glad to have a phone call with

you to see if I can help you out so if

you need to help get in touch anyway

keep it simple and I'll see you tomorrow

ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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