Descript is an app I found a few days ago that will be making my episodes even better.

It transcribes the audio into text, and you can even edit it like a document rather than messing with audio!

Check out their site here

Below is a transcript I made using Descript, and I’ll be doing this with pretty much all my episodes in the future!


Have you ever found an app, and then you thought to yourself, how have I been working all this time without it?

And today I'm going to actually show you an app that's gonna make my episodes actually much better for people who like reading.

The app is actually called Descript. I'm going to show you it in a moment, but it's just unbelievable.

Before we carry on one thing I need to do that's better.

So anyway.

This is the script. What it does, how do I explain it? You can actually get your podcasts and actually videos transcribed. So with this, this is my episode, 154 about limitations and productivity.

And... I use this as a test, so I imported the audio of that episode, and within a minute, literally within a minute, I think it was like 45 seconds or something, it transcribed all of it. I think it got about 95% of it, right.

So basically what I did was just listen to it and take out the words that I didn't want. Now what you can do is actually select a word, for instance, and delete that word.

And all I'm doing is doing it in the text here, like this. And then you can go to the beginning and play. ..

I can undo that, so it brings it back in and let me play from here...

I can't believe how well this works. Now, I've been an audio editor, I've done Pro Tools and Logic and Digital Performer, all of those apps, and I'm, you know, I've been audio editing drum patterns and so it's crazy.

And you had to go in there in the waveform and actually do everything. But with spoken word, it's kind of different.

You actually have... because it's transcribed and these things actually work together, you can choose which words you want and which words that you don't want.

Now, personally, I like to keep everything in there. If I make 'Urm' and 'Errrs', as long as there's not too many, I just leave them in there. But if there is a mistake, a pause or something, you can actually just go into that mistake and change it.

So.. There was a section where I think I said, let me use it this again. Yeah. So there was a section where I said 'this' and I meant 'that'.

In the audio, it actually makes sense that you meant to say 'that', but in text, because it's a transcription, I actually wanted it to actually, read better.

So I've been through this whole, transcript, and basically made this text better.

Now, why would I do this? Two reasons. One, because I want to... I hate writing. I like doing videos and I do audio. I hate writing. I can't stand it. But people do like to read. And obviously for SEO and getting Google to rank your page, you need to have text.

And this is, so valuable to me because I can get all my audio. I'm not going to go back and do all of them. So from today onwards, this video I will transcribe, so there'll be a link down below for the transcriptions and it will open up and you can read it.

So basically people... some people like reading it,if you're on a train or a bus or whatever, you don't have your headphones, you can actually read it. And again, for SEO, for Google purposes, it's invaluable, because you've got all the content of your video or audio in written form. So it can be indexed by search engines.

So hopefully more people will find out about Tech Minimalism.

So yeah. Going back to this, it's just it's invaluable. I mean, it does a lot of other things. It is primarily for podcasting to record a podcast and transcribe it and, you know, edit wordss out.

But the fact that I can edit certain things out, I mean, I can even just capsulize certain things. I can play from here...

Sorry, I just listened too much. But I think you understand what I mean. The fact that it shows you the words, and then you can edit the words out. You can edit the actual words if the transcription doesn't work.

As I said, I think I'm pretty certain it did about 95% maybe even 98%. I like to think my spoken word is good. I do make mistakes, but I think my spoken word is quite good. So it does pick it up quite well.

Someone did ask me about what other languages they do and I haven't been able to find out. I think it's actually just only English. But anyway, what you can do once you've... I did all this and it all worked.

You can actually go in here and export it as text file, as subtitles or as an audio. Obviously I have the audio, that's not the reason I want to do it. I'm not putting subtitles on my video, so it's not something I am interested in doing just yet. I'm going to work with that. I might be able to do that, but basically if I do it as text, I can save it as a doc file, Microsoft docx file or rich text.

So I basically saved it as richtext formats [RTF] you export it, put it basically wherever you wanted. I will show you where I have put it. So it's here, I think it was 154, and here is the text. That's the text for the whole transcription.

So basically now what I do is I effectively copy paste that. What can I show? Can I show you my, yeah. And this is the video here. And if you look here, there's... I've put the transcription in here and that's basically what I've done.

So, yeah, it's pretty amazing that I can get my episodes transcribed so it's better for people who would like to read, but also good for SEO so people can actually find out what the content of the episode is about.

Anyway, hopefully I was helpful, this app just blew me away as to how it works and how simple it was in the way it worked. I just wanted to share that with you guys.

Anyway. If you have any questions, as you can see, the website round here has actually changed. The branding is kind of the same. It's basically the same tech minimalist, right?

Let me know with the chat feature, if you enjoyed this video/this episode and I will see you tomorrow.

Have a great day as always... keep IT Simple. Bye. Bye. Ciao.

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