Create more time by allocating it better

Do you allocate time to the day-to-day running of your business tasks? Do you feel overwhelmed by the things that need to be done but can't find the time?

In this video, I go through the way I manage to juggle everything I need to do and also have more than enough time to focus on myself by breaking up my day.


so hello sorry the video is a bit late

it's a quarter past five right now I'm

recording this but I've actually been

coaching I've had a few coaching

sessions today so I haven't had a chance

to actually do the video so doing a

video now one thing that came up with

these coaching sessions was the time

factor how much time you spend on

specific tasks within your business

so obviously you know working on your

own you wear multiple hats here a

marketer you're a doer your email your

you pretty much do everything so you're

wearing a lot of hats in your business

but do you actually allocate times now

in the past I created a video called

time blocking sucks and I still stand by

that and I like I spoke to Paul minors

about because he does time clock he saw

the video we made a follow-up to that

video where we discussed the pros and

cons for time blocking now I'm not for

time blocking don't get me wrong but I'm

not actually against it depending on how

you do it so I recently did a video

about how I allocate time and I really

don't want to call it time blocking

because I don't like time blocky

time blocking to me basically it what

what it entails is that your calendar is

dictating your time now the whole point

of what I do is to be able to free up my

time so I don't want to block so much

time where I can't do anything I can't

play anything in yes I understand you

can move things around but the less

headaches and less steps and processes

you you that you need to do within a day

gives your time or your clients your

time so you can focus more on the actual

work so I break up my time

into three parts throughout the day now

if nothing happens within that chunk of

time then I do something else whether

it's for myself whether it's marketing

whether it's walking the dog or whatever

it is basically I don't shoehorn things

into my time and why am I talking about

this as I said earlier the the topic

came up with with the three sessions I

had two there were three different

people about how they allocate their

time and each one of them actually said

actually I don't and a funny thing is

nor did I until relatively recently in

the past few months where I started

allocating parts of the time or or

breaking up my day into what I do within

that day and that has enabled me to

focus on the particular task whether

it's me working on my business whether

it's working with clients or emailing or

whatever I allocate specific parts of

the day to specific types of tasks so

they now know what I'm doing as I said

if nothing comes in for that day no

emails come in which is doubtful or no

bookings for sessions come in or

whatever then I just do something else

I don't reallocate as it were I don't

add anything in I just do something else

I want to have free time for me for

whatever that is so the common factor

was I don't do anything and it's

interesting for three different people

in the same day and as I said I'm not

wonderful being told what to do

especially by calendar to do lists is

something else but my calendar

and so having that free time just

enables you to do whatever you want and

that's the whole point of what I call

tech minimalism is to get rid of the

technology get rid of the things that's

in your path that disable you to have

your own time for whatever you want to

do anyway I hope that's a that's helpful

to you if you have any questions about

this or any other topic about tech

melanism please do email me you can find

all my details at MEC junkie comm or

basically put a message down below and

I'll get back to you as soon as I can

anyway enjoy the rest of the day quick

video is now 1722 have a great day and

I'll see you tomorrow ciao

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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