Create a distraction-free environment

Just the idea of being distracted should send shivers down your spine.  Not only does it take you away from the work you’re doing at that time, but it takes away even more time as you have to get back ‘in the zone’ after the distraction.

I used to get distracted with emails, messages and voicemails with ‘can I ask you a quick question’, but I found a solution to this where I now never get distracted and the person asking gets the time and proper answer.


so today's topic is actually about

distractions distractions from

everything whether it's your personal

life or your business life on network

when you're working in an office when

you get tapped on the shoulder and so on

that's a distraction but the thing is

the person who's distracting you without

malice don't realize they don't realize

that the amount of time it takes for you

to get back into focus there's about 20

minutes some study done somewhere but

they don't realize that they're taking

that time away from you and the thing is

you have to put things in place to get

rid of those distractions now I talked

about my phone with the notifications

and and setting up your emails and so on

it's actually in my free email course

which I'll put down below but the point

is to actually make things as simple as

possible so you're not distracted now

why am I talking about this well for a

long time I was you know I do support

people with their computers as well I

used to and I used to get a ton of

emails Kay can you help me with this

just it's just a quick question the

thing is those quick questions turn out

to be pretty long answers so it takes

time away from you now don't get me

wrong I'd love doing it because this is

like chess to me I want to find out the

right solution for the person whether

they're a client or not the problem was

that it was distracting or taking time

away not this necessarily distracting

but also distracting it was taking time

away from the people who were using the

proper channels ie clients who were

already paying me or clients who

understand how to contact me because I

was getting messages with as SMS and

emails and and messages I mean it was

just insane so what I do what what I did

to get rid of those distractions to

things I did one is to actually put a

calendar so if someone says that Kay I

need to you know a quick question I I

don't say no go away type thing it's

silly because I do want to hell

them so basically I just point them to

my cannons Lee go to my website and book

an appointment we have the time that I

can give you the right time to actually

do do do it properly the other thing

I've done is create a membership site so

people pay me per month they can access

me through Basecamp virtually at all


we have a bi-weekly call we have all

this place and all this information so

whenever they need a you know help from

me we go to that spot and they can ask

me the questions so there are two ways

that people can get the help from me

without me being distracted and without

me putting more time and emphasis on one

or the other so it's always good to have

those systems in place so if you're

working in an office in a small team or

with your clients the best thing to do

is have a system in place where you have

time to think about the answer time to

think about the question and the person

that's you're asking the question to has

time and ample waste basically a proper

way to actually contact you again I talk

about this all the time and a lot

recently about me using Basecamp with my

clients and it's just fantastic

so yesterday I did a couple of sessions

via the fire a call give them access to

Basecamp and they asked me questions

today about everything there's no phone

calls there's no emails there's no

nothing so I did a coaching session

yesterday and today they're asking me

questions via no no emails I don't want

to do if you're a client of mine

I don't want emails basically I don't

want to do it do it that way so

basically they have access to me via

base camp and they contact me and they


the speed that I get back to them and so

on and so forth so it makes a much karma

workplace for you and your clients and

your work colleagues basically anyway

keep it calm I mean try to put systems

in place so you can relax when you're

working and that in effect helps you

being relaxed when you're relaxing have

a great evening

I'll see you tomorrow as always keep it

simple see you there


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