Coach vs consultant

Last Monday I was asked how I would describe myself. Now I don't like to pigeonhole but I have always thought of myself as a Consultant.

However, in recent times I think I’m more of a Coach than a Consultant. This is my explanation of how I define the two. How would you define the difference between a Coach and a Consultant?


on Monday I was asked what I did for

muck for work and I kept using the word

consultant now I've been in business in

Holland anyway for about 12 years but

I've had businesses and worked as an

apple IT consultant for about 25 plus

years 28 years I think even and I was

asked for what you do and I kept using

the the term IT consultant or consultant

now I always used to call myself as

consultant but in recent time and

especially in the past year or so maybe

even longer but definitely a year or so

I think I'm more of a coach than a

consultant now how do I kind of you know

how do I differentiate between the two

well how I put it now before it's

different but how I put it now is in a

consultant and coach that basically

almost do the same thing but consultant

generally to me as a person who's an

expert that gets called up to go in fix

an issue over a period of time but

generally quite quickly they get told

what the problems are fix it and then

basically go away now he or she is still

there if the client needs to connect

with you again but generally you're

paying for their services again so it's

kind of an input the fire out and leave

where as a coach I would basically put a

coach as a person who this sounds weird

but cares more and obviously an IT

consultant and the consultant do care

for their clients but they kind of

encompass they kind of round off the the

hard edges they because they work with

the client I work with my clients

I work with them for a period of time to

make sure everything is working trying

to explain things trying it again the

soundbites empowering my clients to to

understand and know what I'm doing so

they can take that and actually expand

on it so you know you teach a man to

fish etc you know that quote so the

difference for me between an IT

consultant and a coach is literally the

fact that the coach I feel is a warmer

more rounded more longer-term engagement

like a one-to-one really encompassing

everything and trying to understand and

learn the yeah the the the problems and

and you know the problems that the

client actually faces I hope that makes

sense if you have a different definition

of the differences between an IT

consultant or a consultant forget IT

just a consultant and a coach I'd love

to know because as I said I've been

doing this for such a long time as a

consultant but over the past year or so

I've done it as a coach and I feel like

I'm more as a coach trainer than I am a

consultant so I'd love to know how you

would define that anyway that's the

video today have a great day

keep it simple and yeah if you need to

get in touch with me just there's

information down below talk to you soon

ciao bye-bye

Hi, I'm Kia

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