Choose your tools wisely

Having a bunch of wrong tools, apps and services, won’t only waste your time, but it can also be a pain to organise. In this episode, I go over some issues that choosing the wrong tools can have on your productivity and how to solve the difference between wanting and needing the right tools.


we all know the difference between

wanting and needing one thing is more of

a passion I want something whereas

kneading is something that will help you

get to where you want to go hi my name

is Kay I'm a tech minimalist and I help

organize my clients technology so they

can free up their time so there's as I

said there's a difference between

wanting and needing and I find a lot of

people wanting so many things so many

that let's talk about computers because

that's what what this whole episode is

about they want this app they want the

other app they want that app and the

reason why they want it is because they

have features they're like oh I'm going

to get this app because it's got this

feature and I might use it I'll use this

app because it has a different feature

and I might use it the thing is there's

a difference between a feature that you

might use and an app with a feature that

you will use something that you actually

need to fulfill your tasks fulfill your

a to be journey basically and I've been

going through my process and my apps for

the past week actually regarding my

process and I did a video a couple of

days ago about process matters your

workflow matters way more than the tool

does than the app does then the service

does and I found that I was doubling up

on a lot of apps tools and services so I

decided to basically trim the fat off

everything that I have and I've while I

was going through this I realized that

you don't need to to do apps you don't

need three calendar apps and so on and

so forth now some of these things that I

had I had on my phone or on my computer

because obviously I need to demo and

show these apps to my clients but I

found myself using those apps might you

know myself because it had a specific

feature but realizing that those

features were not helping me in

anyway to getting to my ends goal of

finishing a task I realize I need to get

rid of it and you know if you go and

look at your phone now you probably

realize that you've got a bunch of apps

there that you just won't use you'll

probably find that there are apps there

that you do need to use but they're just

not there and the reason is two reasons

as I said one is because those apps may

have a feature that you want to use but

you would never use and the second thing

is because someone's told you to or use

this because I'm using it and it's not

helping and the main reason is because

you don't have a process once you have a

process you realize actually I only need

this one thing now I'm going to show you

this if you have a look so here you can

see that but yeah I only use these three

apps on my phone that the main apps and

if you go to the other page you'll

notice that I'm only using the stock


apart from what's in the in the doc and

I'll talk about that doc those doc apps

in another video but I'm using the stock

apps because I found that the stock apps

were more than sufficient for what I

actually need what my process actually

needs so I would actually this have some

homework go through your computer go

through your phone figure out how many

apps you have and figuring out and

figure out how many times you actually

use them and whether they will help you

to get to your destination which is

point B meaning your task that you need

to do and you'll probably find that

you're probably get rid of like 30% of

all the the crap that's on your phone or

on your computer and in your dock I've

seen so many people with so many things

in their dock

it's just completely confusing now my

dock only has the apps that I'm using

and that are open at the time if they're

not open they're not in the dark I just

open them

in a different way so understand your

workflow and get rid of the apps anyway

that's the episode today hopefully it

helped you out if you need any help with

organizing your computer I actually have

a new service that I released yesterday

which is simplify your Mac shall be

called simplifying my Mac I'm not sure

let me know I don't know what to call it

but anyway right now it's called

simplify your Mac and basically it's a

two hour session while we talk online

via a video chat and we go through your

system and your Mac and figure it out

and figure out how we can organize it

you know whether it's your email your

documents your phone and so on and so

forth so anyway have a great day I'll

see you tomorrow and as always keep it

simple ciao bye bye

Hi, I'm Kia

I help my clients make IT so simple it's invisible. If you're interested in working with me or have any feedback about this post shoot me an email.


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