If you don’t have a clear process, you’ll find yourself constantly changing tools without understanding why your workflow isn’t working for you. Creating a clear process for your business will help you simplify and scale.


On Monday, I made a video about milestones matter. And in that video I was talking about, uh, not populating your, um, project management tool with a bunch of tasks before you started the project. I stuck that on LinkedIn and Twitter, and I got a couple of people, uh, talk about. Y, um, yeah, they basically said, well, you need to tasks to know where the project goes.

Absolutely. You obviously do. But again, you can't put the tasks in unless you know, the process. So once you know the process, once you get into the projects and actually know it, then you can actually populate the project. But also. If you have the right SLPs and the right processes, processes in place, then you going by that process, then you would obviously.

Populate the projects, because you have a clear way of working a clear process in the way you work, but before you have that process. So actually process matters first before milestones, which is what the name of the video on the topic of the video on Monday. So the process matters way more than any tool.

That you're going to get, because I still get people say, well, I've tried this to learn this tool and I, and this tool and nothing seems to work well. If you don't have the process ready and actually written up, then there's no way any tour's is going to be able to help you in any way whatsoever. So process matters and the process matters way more than the tool.

Anyway, hopefully that helps. And if you have any questions about this or any other process related tech, minimalism things, uh, you know how to contact me, have a great day and I'll see you in the next one. Ciao.


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